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Don’t miss the latest travel news and discoveries from our experts based on travel, dining and fashion throughout Los Angeles  and destinations LA residents love to visit.


A Los Angeles based magazine devoted to inspiring and informing travelers through stories & photographs  showing the world’s best destinations & travel experiences. The ultimate resource for the west coasts  savviest travelers.


Jennifer Mclaughlin

Michael Dunn

Photography Director-OC
Huey Bui

Photography Director-LA
Ken Alcazar

Photography Associate Director
Stefanie Vinsel

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Emily Ung

Dave Wrobel

Fashion Director
Tanya Marie Pascua

Social Media Director
Delna Briggs

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Alyssa Kuhlman

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Joe Issac

Contributing Writers: Adrianna Gomez, Amanda Bisson, Ava Roxanne Stritt, Chantele Petrocelli, Chris Dunn, Dave Wrobel, Heather Seidler, Jamie Komer, Jenna Rose Robbins, Kate Roland, Kathryn Lejeune, Kelly Magyarics, Leah Josephine Smith, Leslie Moore, Nicole Prentice Williams, Rebecca Goins, Richard Carroll, Sarah Carrillo Riswick, Sarah Dandashy, Sara Kauss, Seana Pierce, Susan Barnes & Susan Watkins.