Sugar Factory, Las Vegas

In Dining by LA Travel Magazine

Somehow within all the hustle and bustle on the strip I never noticed Sugar Factory, it must have been the sensory overload. Now that I am aware of this place, I will be back on my next trip. In fact over the weekend I visited this place not once but twice. One would think when passing by that it’s only a candy store but one would be wrong. Half of the building is in fact a candy store while the other half is made up of a restaurant, bar and chocolate lounge. A celebrity hotspot, this place is worth a trip for anyone looking to feel like a kid again.

Our first trip we reserved a table in the restaurant. Overwhelmed by the variety of sugary concoctions we looked to our server for help. He made the perfect recommendations and so we started with the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Martini and the Hubba Bubba Martini. The Reese’s arrived with a peanut butter rim and chocolate powdered top while the Hubba Bubba was presented with a pop rocks rim and bubble gum garnish. Both were incredible, a big thank you to the server for starting the meal off with a bang. Next it was time to decide on the food, to start he recommended the Fried Mac & Cheese which were to die for. I had to swat the other half’s hand as he almost finished the plate while I was conversing with the server…you gotta watch him sometimes! Next it was time to order some entrees, the menu items were fairly simple so we went with the Filet Mignon (Do you see a reoccurring pattern here?) and the Fettuccini Alfredo. Along with our meal we sampled our next round of liquid sugar heaven the Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan and the Blow Pop Martini. I am immediately taken back to the sixth grade, walking alongside my mother at the supermarket begging her for a dollar to buy some blow pops and airheads.

Next up was dessert, the various options were tempting and as much as I wanted to dive in I refrained. The server suggested one of their famous Goblets instead of ordering dessert, go ahead twist my arm. After reviewing eight different options we decided on the White Gummi; a blend of gummi worms, gummi worms and more gummi worms thrown in with some dry ice and rum. Now we’re talking…wow! Sensory overload and a full on sugar high are in full effect as we leave, what a fun experience.

3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109, (702) 331-5551,