The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

In Hotels, North America by LA Travel Magazine

The Cosmopolitan is our first choice of course, to some it may be a little excessive with its’ grand chandelier bar and stiletto statues throughout the conference level corridors but for me it’s perfect. The hotel is located in city center and smack dab in the middle of the three-and-a-half-mile-long stretch of hotel-casinos known as the Strip. The big spectacles grab your attention first. The three-story chandelier with a multilevel bar and the rotating video panels on the lobby columns are immediate focal points. Pay attention to the smaller details as well: the restored cigarette machines that dispense packs of art instead of smokes; the banquettes in the lobby of tufted velvet with a working phone; the wall of album covers leading to the “hidden” pizza place, I never found. It’s like staying in a museum with gaming tables. I was really impressed by the video pillars which I think make a great first impression, they change from library books to people trapped inside and one could easily fixate on these features for quite some time.

Up on the 32nd floor, I discovered an incredible view as I opened our Terrace View Studio Suite door. I think I would have to say this was the best of any room I’ve ever stayed in Las Vegas. The best thing about the room, besides the view of the Bellagio Fountains was the electrical outlets. These days I often travel with multiple gadgets so the more outlets the better! The Cosmopolitan gets it right with multiple outlets on each side of the bed, plus more on the walls and in the bathroom. I took a dozen photos out on the terrace and even invited some friends to watch the Fountain show with us. The technology in the room is also top notch; the television is intended to provide voicemail messages, a trip itinerary and access to room service, plus you can shut the lights off, change the room temp and check the weather report all from your bedside phone. The bed will have you struggling to get up in the morning, it was so comfortable. It’s the details in the room that will win you over.