Unfiltered Blonde: Brandi Glanville Takes on the Wine Industry

Unfiltered Blonde Debuts At Bluewater GrillRHOB’s Brandi Glanville recently joined forces with Napa based winemakers, The Rippey Company and debuted her very first wine creation “Unfiltered Blonde”. The 2013 Chardonnay is a hit with our taste buds showcasing hints of vanilla and buttery oak, finished by a suggestion of apple and sweet melon. We got down and dirty with the “Unfiltered Blonde” creator to see just what she has in store for her new wine venture and also what she has on her travel radar!

LATM: Where was your first trip abroad?

BG: My first trip out of the country and for that matter on an airplane was at age 17 when I was lucky to be given a contract to go to Paris and model.

LATM: Where have you traveled during the show and where would you like to see the show go next?

BG: During RHOBH we took the most AMAZING trips. Going to Amsterdam was  my favorite trip but the show afforded us to see so many beautiful places – Paris, France,  Canada, (which as a whole is stunning) we also took several domestic trips including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The one place, my favorite place on earth, I always urged the show to go to was Italy.  I hear that they went this year, I’m kind of bummed I couldn’t show the gals “My Italy”

Bottle ShotLATM: What is your ideal vacation?

BG: My ideal vacation is basically NOT having a schedule. In the past I’ve been on vacations where every last second was planned, down to the smallest detail and it drove me crazy!! My perfect vacation is great food, great wine, great company, a beautiful beach and NO schedule – hair and makeup be damned.

LATM: If you could travel with anyone in the world who would it be and where would you go?

BG: I would travel with Jake Gyllenhaal and go wherever he wanted me to… probably doing whatever he wanted me to do as well.

LATM: What is your favorite thing to do when you have time off from the show? 

BG: I LOVE spending lazy days in with my boys just enjoying their company. The way their little minds work is so exceptional and interesting..  Because I share 50 % custody with their dad, I really don’t make any other plans when my boys are with me. Sometimes when they see me putting on makeup they ask” if I have to go to work “I see the disappointment on their faces when I say yes. At the end of the day I have to put food on the table so it must be done.

LATM: Name your favorite places in LA: Best Hotel/Best Restaurant/Best Activity or     Attraction & Best Place to get your drink on.

BG: I love Craig’s in BH he is a good friend and his place is a favorite in LA for celeb sightings and fun ambiance. The Palm & Flemings both are good for a great steak. We have amazing restaurants in LA and you can try something new, different and AMAZING every night. My personal favorite activity is bowling. I’m not the best at it but I’m pretty good if I don’t say so myself I even have my own leopard print custom bowling ball. I like the rooftop at the London hotel for sunset drinks, the Bel-Air hotel is a great escape and you don’t even feel like you’re in LA. I’m learning slowly  but SURELY that getting my “drink on” out in public isn’t that fun anymore so I do a lot of private dinner parties with friends but if you want to taste some great food and wine go to Wally’s in Beverly Hills on Cannon.(my favorite location)

LATM: What was the vision behind the wine? What was the process of developing it? How did you choose the flavor profiles and will you add to the brand with different varietals?

BG: The vision behind the wine was to put out an elegant, delicious product that was still affordable. I think we have succeeded. After many blind tastings in Sonoma my partners (and wine experts) Tyson and Jenni of the Rippey Wine Company came to understand my palette. During the time of development I wasn’t aware of certain wine lingo but as time has gone by I’ve become savvier with it. I of course while tasting would pick the most expensive brands as my favorites. So I simply said to my partners let’s get as close taste and qualities of these wines without breaking the bank. It’s been an incredible experience and I now count the Rippey’s as family, we absolutely plan on doing other varietals, We are talking about more than likely doing a Rose, which would be produced spring of 2016 ! But for now, Unfiltered Blonde Chardonnay is my baby and I’m 100 percent committed and focused to making it a success and having it available everywhere!

LATM: Where is your favorite destination to travel for a “Girlfriends Getaway”?

BG: I love girl’s trips! I think if you have the right company any destination can be a blast. Since I separated from my husband over 6 years ago I have had an annual girl’s trip to Tao and Tao beach in Las Vegas. Its 24 to 48 hours of debauchery and it never disappoints.

LATM: What are three things you never travel without?

BG: Three things I never travel without are my computer so I can journal when I feel inspired & Face Time with my boys, a universal charger kit I’ve had forever, and a full -on pharmacy (medicine bag) so I am ready for any and everything- no Montezuma revenge on my watch!

LATM: What is your most memorable travel experience (good or bad)?

BG: One of the most memorable experiences I’ve had while traveling was the first time I took my two boys (a toddler and newborn) on a plane trip all alone. The amount of things one needs to pack while traveling with children is RIDICULOUS including car seats, strollers, play and packs, swings, diaper bags, the list goes on and on. The best thing about it is that it reminded me of how capable I was on my own and that when it came to my boys anything is possible!

T,B,J“Tyson and I were introduced to Brandi through a mutual friend. We hit it off with her immediately and started tossing around the idea of partnering on a wine. It made a lot of sense for us because she truly enjoys wines and her fans know this so it’s not a random pairing at all (of her and wine). The process took over a year to develop because we had to come up with a name, design the label, pick the perfect packaging and perfect the blend. We really wanted the wine to exceeded all expectations, which we truly feel we have accomplished. We are thrilled with the results thus far and look forward to future opportunities!” – Jenni Rippey