48 Hours in Lausanne

As a French-speaking city overlooking Lake Geneva, Lausanne is so much more than meets the eye. It is fashionable without trying too hard, modern yet historic, clean and safe with excellent public transportation. This city has depth, and with limited time here you must devise a seamless plan to fit in everything you need to try before you leave!

Getting Around: The Lausanne Transport Card
When staying at a hotel in the city, public transportation is free. Yes, you heard right. Free! The Lausanne Transport Card gives any guest staying in Lausanne free and unrestricted access to all public transport services in the city via bus, train & the metro. This personalized card is provided to each visitor paying the overnight “taxe de séjour” by the hotel or guest house on arrival at their place of accommodation. It is valid for the duration of the reservation, including the arrival and departure days (maximum 15 days).

Where to Stay: Beau-Rivage Palace
Situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, Beau-Rivage Palace is nestled in a natural beauty spot just a stone’s throw away from the city center. Since 1861, the property has been proving that tradition and innovation – just like cultural heritage and modernity – complement each other very well. The walls of this majestic building could tell 1001 stories about defining moments in history – such as the signing of pioneering treaties – about artists seeking inspiration, about royal families and celebrity guests.

Tip: Upgrade to a Superior Lake View Suite, and you will feel like royalty as you enjoy stunning views each time you take a moment on your very own balcony.

Dining: A Foodie’s Haven
Lausanne has more than 300 restaurants catering for all appetites, from brasserie to exclusive fine dining. Make sure to visit Café Beau-Rivage at your hotel, a veritable institution that has been serving guests and locals for the past 25 years.

Things to Do: Get High
360° views open up multiple vistas from the top of this high tower which is roughly over 114 feet and was built in 2003. From the top, you can view the Lausanne conurbation, Lake Geneva and the three geographic regions of Switzerland – the Alps, the Jura and the Plateau.

Take to the Waters
Enjoy a romantic ride on Lake Geneva on a two-seater pedalo with your partner – or hire a larger boat for a fun outing with friends. There are 30 green pedalos, motor boats, electric boats and even kayaks for you to use, available for hire for any duration up to 2 hours.