Eze, A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Southern France

Eze FranceWhen visiting the South of France set some time aside and drive north to a renowned tourist site that is so mind blowing it has to be seen; neither words nor pictures can do justice here. Take the coastline to the medieval village of Eze for a moment that will stay ingrained into your memory forever. What makes Eze so attractive is the topography of the land; the village is literally carved out of the cliffs almost 1500 feet above sea level. Eze is also famous for its magnificent beauty and charm. Many artisan shops, art galleries, hotels and restaurants attract honeymooners and tourists from all over the world. While visiting Eze it is vital to pay a visit to one of the most stunning hotels in the world, La Chevre D’or which translates to the Golden Goat. As you enter the grounds your senses will be at full alert as the beauty begins to consume you. The hotel is literally built into the cliffs with a view that is absolute perfection. Gaze 1500 feet down to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with sailboats dotting the landscape and the bluest sky you have ever set eyes upon.

Manger (Eat)

The restaurant La Chevre D’or is the hotel’s finest dining establishment on property and with good reason. With accolades galore and a Michelin star rating along with one of the best views in all of France, it is no wonder foodies from all over the world flock here. Chef Ronan Kervarrec and his team take food preparation and display to a whole new level at La Chevre D’or. Your meal is presented to you with such elegance and precision that you almost don’t want to ruin it by eating it. Each course is carefully cooked to perfection and then served artistically to the table. The sommelier on staff will select the perfect wine to go with each course to make for the most enjoyable dining experience.


LATM Recommendations: White Truffle from Piemont Region consisting of blown out pizza dough topped with sweet onions and a quail egg yolk. The Brittany lobster tail sautéed with a coral sauce and paired alongside tarragon and crispy egg flavored stuffed gnocchi’s. The Brittany scallops, served with orange perfumed chicory nuts and black trumpet mushroom then sliced in tartare upon spelt risotto with squid ink and autumn truffle. Magnifique!

La Création: The chefs unique version of a lemon tart that is something we can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen before and is truly artistic perfection. Le meilleur dessert jamais (the best dessert ever) as the French say and we couldn’t agree more!