Fast Cars & Fine Wine from Adobe Road Winery

With 2022 off to a new and exciting start, there’s an energy in the air that inspires hope for better things to come. The resolutions are stronger, the goals are more grandiose, and the overall theme of leaving the past in the past evokes a greater sense of well-being for all of us. This electric ambition is not limited to that newfound love for the gym, or the extra push to finally get that promotion, but to the meaningful connection and community, we have all been deeply craving since quarantine. Now that the holidays are behind us in the month dedicated to love gives the opportunity to slow our lives down and be more intentional with friends and family. Need a little nudge in the right direction? Well for starters, nothing quite says romance like receiving a decadent bottle of wine to share. Yes, we know it can be tricky with so many options of not only types of wines but also with so many regions worldwide to choose from, where does one begin? Can the appearance of a wine bottle actually sway your decision to make a purchase? In this case…yes! Meet Adobe Road Winery’s Racing Series: the flawless combination of stunning bottle design and a special story behind each meticulous craft will capture your attention even before your first sip!

Former race car driver turned winery owner Kevin Buckler created exactly this with Adobe Road Winery’s Racing Series. Redline, Shift, The 24, Apex and its most recent addition Carbon, provide a well-balanced and thoughtful collection of unique red blends that are inspired by his experiences on the track and will impress everyone from the wine novice to a seasoned aficionado. With each of its four exciting and distinctive bottles, you can easily pair it to any kind of romantic evening planned.

The 2018 Redline ($45) is a strong and dark blend of Cabernet, Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Malbec that tastes as exciting as the speeds shown on its eye-catching label: a Porsche tachometer. As indicated by its name, Redline represents Buckler pushing a classic car like the Porsche 911 to top speeds to claim his first victory in 1995. In the same way, this blend uses classic grape varieties that have been precisely combined to have a smooth and satisfying finish. This wine will stand out next to a simple charcuterie board, pair beautifully with a fine cut of steak, or easily shine on its own as the ideal start to a sensual evening.

One of the more unique bottles in the collection, the 2019 Shift ($63) is an eclectic blend of Zinfandel, Tempranillo, Syrah, and Petite Sirah grapes. One sip will transform a simple dinner at home into a night you won’t forget. The gorgeous bottle is covered with an intricate metal faceplate of a vintage Ferrari shifter and adorned by a cork that resembles a 5-speed shift knob. From the first impression, you can tell that this wine is special. With its high tannins and overall award-winning taste, Shift can be the showstopper that takes your home-cooked dinner above and beyond.

For the couple that has seen it all, The 24 ($66) showcases a balance of intensity and partnership. Named after the race at Daytona and Le Mans that takes place over the course of 24 hours, this wine boasts a smooth yet spicy blend of Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Malbec to create a velvety wine that stands well on its own and can fit any occasion. This wine offers a high-end look and nods to Buckler’s relationship with his wife, Debra with whom he co-founded Adobe Road Winery. Displaying a stunning metal chronograph that pays homage to the Rolex that’s always used to time this elite race, one look at the bottle will tell you that this wine is intricate, sexy and timeless.

Finishing on a high note, the last bottle in this collection, the 2018 Apex Magnum ($195), definitely speaks for itself. With a perfectly crafted blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and Petite Sirah, all aged in 100% French oak, you can tell from the aroma that this vintage is rare. The wine shows off the expertise of Adobe Road’s master winemaker, Garrett Martin, and highlights how thoughtfully this collection of bottles was curated. The incredible visual of the elite race cars hitting the innermost corner of a track, otherwise known as the Apex, makes you crave the excitement that these races provoke.

The Racing Series balances maturity and excitement in a way that makes it the perfect gift this season. Whether your significant other is a car fanatic, a wine connoisseur, or if you are just looking for an interesting item to inspire thought-provoking conversation, each of these wines alone will make the evening one to remember. Backed by Buckler’s inspiring story of dedication and teamwork, these bottles are ones that you will want to use to celebrate the moments that mean the most to you. The Race Gift Set includes all four bottles ($349) and is the perfect way to make 2022 a year to celebrate love, connection, and triumph.