“Bark” Hyatt New York

Dublin & Miller stamp their paws of approval on the hotel’s “Very Important Pooch” program

New York is called the “City of Dreams,” and we believe that the VIP program—meaning “Very Important Pooch” of course—at “Bark” Hyatt New York makes every pup’s dreams of a luxury stay in the Big Apple come true. As the dogs of Los Angeles Travel Magazine, we are barking with approval for this upscale pup treatment.

The Park Hyatt New York, as Mom and Dad prefer to call it,  is the flagship location of the 32 Park Hyatt hotels around the world. Across from Carnegie Hall and near Central Park, the biggest park a pup will ever get to explore, this dog-friendly hotel is at the top of our list. Thanks to the hotel collaborating with Amanda Hearst, who founded a pup-loving committee called “Friends of Finn” as part of The Humane Society of the United States, the VIP program offers canine guests an exclusive package.

The program includes many fetching perks! Upon arrival pups receive an identification tag with the hotel’s name and telephone number, ensuring all parents their doggie will be safely found in case a game of hide and seek goes wrong. The General Manager, Mr. Walter Brindell, even greets each pup with a welcome letter. That’s just one example of how the staff at our beloved Bark Hyatt New York goes above and beyond to make all guests, both human and canine, feel truly cared for. Pups will also receive Park Hyatt dog collars, giving a warm sense of belonging at their new home.

Each four-legged friend receives a NYC Doggie Guide, which includes custom illustrations by Sophie + Lili. This is your go-to guide for upscale locales for pets, like high-end pet boutiques, fun spa destinations, and pup-friendly pools. Amanda’s guide also tells about her favorite pet-friendly activities and sights within a 10-block radius of the hotel, making it easy for you and your pup to plan the best outings.

For fashion tips, pups will receive exclusive access to seasonal looks for canines curated by Barney’s Fashion Office with each dog getting to choose one of three specially designed outfits, like the “winter warrior” costume. After an extensive play date running around Central Park, we know it’s easy for pups to work up an appetite. To slake that hunger we recommend chewing on savory delights, like the flavor “Haute Dog,” from Nesbits and treats from an organic dog menu inspired by Chef Sebastian…yum!

Also included in the Very Important Pooch program is an all-inclusive canine loaning library that offers dog beds, food and water bowls, rain garments, and personalized chalkboard placements to add a homey touch for each canine guest. We also know that pups can cause messes, and Bark Hyatt smartly provides complimentary paw wipes, a waste bag dispenser, and a Kong classic treat-dispensing toy complete with all-natural almond butter.

Next time you’re planning a trip to the city with your pooch, choose Bark Hyatt New York to make your pup’s dreams come true! We’re sure your canine counterpart will be wagging their tail in bliss while treated luxuriously at this fancy hotel because with the Very Important Pooch program, life is anything but ‘ruff.