Bartesian: The Keurig of Home Cocktails is Pure Fun

Photo Credit: Ken Alcazar

Bartesian is the first-ever intelligent cocktail maker using capsules that contain the real, premium ingredients for on-demand, lounge-quality drinks and all the benefits of a fully-stocked bar in one sleek and compact machine. Thoughtfully designed for a commercial setting, the new machine is equipped to make consistent, delicious cocktails for large groups without the wait or need for numerous ingredients and extensive clean-up.

The Bartesian, which Oprah has listed on her “Favorite Things” list; has made making cocktails at home easy and fun by providing drinks on demand without all the hassle and the shaking and muddling. There will be no more big messes on your kitchen counter!

With over 45 different flavor capsules you can conjure up tasty cocktails flavors such as Pineapple Margarita, Raspberry Ginger, Jungle Bird, and Hurricane Sidecar. All you have to do is follow the simple direction; fill up the machine with your favorite base spirit and the perfect concocted cocktail is poured in mere seconds.

The Bartesian is reminiscent of a Keurig machine. At 12.6 inches tall, it includes a narrow nozzle assembly that stands above an otherwise flat 13-inch square base. The Batesian is complete with an overhanging nozzle paired, with a lever that opens up the top to reveal the compartment for the drink capsules.

Bartesian is ideal for summertime dinner parties, guests get to choose their own flavors and customize each drink to their liking. There is no fuss, no mess – just joy. In addition, you get to have a full cocktail experience without the complexity of an overstocked and unused liquor cabinet.

Bartesian was created by self-proclaimed “failed Bartender” Ryan Close. What started as a dream and crowdfunding campaign in 2014 has now become a household brand name and is approaching 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Currently, they are now offering free cocktails and a shaker just in time for Father’s Day at