Charming Mixologists Shake Things Up at Pour Vous, Hollywood

The unassuming exterior building of Pour Vous belies the lush Parisian decadence held within. Step inside and be instantly transported to nostalgic glamour, with warm velvet, burnished wood, and softly gleaming lights that lull and entice.

Charming mixologists craft cocktails using inventive, high-end ingredients in surprising but ultimately successful blends. Shaking, stirring, and garnishing in a flurry of practiced fluidity, they smile proudly as sharply dressed patrons sing out praises down the bar. The cocktail menu is extensive, but, in a stroke of genius, Pour Vous goes above and beyond by providing an image of what glassware to expect.

As you peruse the cocktail menu, you may find yourself wondering, “What is orgeat? Or Chareau aloe vera?” But as soon as L’Aphrodisiac touches your lips you realize that, like love or magic tricks, it is sometimes better to just sit back and enjoy. So resist the modern day temptation of pulling out your phone to Google “créme de pêche” and simply relish the delicious artistry of Depeche Mode.

Intimate seating provides for the perfect romantic evening. Though, if desired, the unique layout makes it easy to catch the eye of almost any table. This latter aspect is especially useful during the marvelous performances, where any seat in the house is the perfect vantage point to fully appreciate the skill and allure of Pour Vous’ entertainers.

As the lights dim and music swells, look to the ceiling for a gilded cage to descend bearing both beauty and talent. The entire venue is held in thrall as a sultry voice slides into and fills every brocaded corner. While she glides from table to table, tempting and captivating, drinks are momentarily forgotten and all eyes follow her every glittered movement. Then suddenly she is gone and conversation begins anew. Order a Mademoiselle in her honor.

Pour Vous is open Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm. Cocktail attire only.