Citron, Dublin Ireland

The reinvented Citron restaurant at the Fizwilliam Hotel in Dublin, provides an energetic atmosphere with a new chef and a new menu. The modern design of the restaurant with beige color scheme and lime floral wallpaper provides a trendy atmosphere. Dinner at Citron consists of a pre fix menu costing €39.95 per person where guests can choose a starter, main course and desserts.

To start I chose the Truffle Risotto with aged Parmesan and mascarpone. The risotto was creamy while the mascarpone- an Italian cheese made from cream, was a nice touch. The Salmon starter was also selected with beetroot, avocado, goat cheese, croutons and pickles. Although the mix of ingredients sounded strange to us Americans, it was a delightful dish with fresh elements that we thoroughly enjoyed.

For the entrée portion, we decided to order opposite of our starters. I selected from the meat portion while my other half ordered a pasta dish. The Daube of Beef with watercress, horseradish, potato and Yorkshire pudding was a savory stew perfect for the cold night. I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the meat as it was tendered to perfection while the stew was a flavorful infusion. Also selected from the entrees was the Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Ravioli with mesclun- a traditional salad mix. We began to notice the trend of beetroot on the menu, or just commonly known in America as a beets. We recommend this ingredient as it went perfectly with all of our selections.

Although the meal felt rather indulgent, when in Europe you must always conclude with something sweet. Our dessert selection was the Baked Apple with cinnamon shortbread, crème patisserie, rum, and raisin ice cream. The shortbread was light and sweet while the rum infusion was a welcomed addition. The Black Forest dessert with kirsch cherries and chocolate mousse was so indulgent we almost couldn’t take the last bite, but of course we managed to lick the plate clean.

With a wide variety of restaurants cluttering the city of Dublin mostly serving unaware tourists over priced dishes, it is good to know there are places to find a delicious meal at an affordable cost. The Fitzwilliam Hotel will ensure a high quality cuisine for welcomed patrons at the critically acclaimed Citron restaurant in Dublin.