A European Vacation in Style

With fall in the air, what’s a better idea than packing the bags and venturing off for a European vacation?. As every savvy traveler knows this is the best time of year to visit due to lesser crowds, lower prices and yes the beaches are virtually empty! With so many incredible countries how does one choose the idyllic autumn escape? For us this year the choice was easy, the Mediterranean waters of Greece were calling our name. Visualizing the bougainvillea draped cliffs, world-class sunsets, fine wines and mouth watering Greek food, say no more, our bags were packed and ready to fly! With a flight path consisting of a stopover in London the obvious choice was to fly one of our all time favorite air carriers, the iconic Virgin Atlantic airlines. With seamless connections to more than 350 destinations, Virgin Atlantic Airlines has been Britain’s second-largest carrier and for very good reason. With British billionaire Richard Branson at the helm Virgin Atlantic has always strived to create the best experience in the skies for their customers, no matter the class, the service is as good as it gets. 

With one of the most modern and efficient fleets of airplanes in the industry, the choice was easy and Upper Class never looked so good. With roomy seats that lie flat into beds, premium food and beverage service plus an amenity kit including pajamas, toothbrush, eye mask and face cream, one thing that is certain when you trust your cross-Atlantic flight path with Virgin Atlantic, you are in the best of hands..

London Stopover

Great Fosters

Take a trip back in time at the majestic Great Fosters Hotel. A mere 10 miles from Heathrow airport and you will be transported to a country house that not only offers absolute seclusion but a stay at a historical landmark dating back to 1550 AD. At the time of its original build, Great Fosters was conveniently placed for its royal residents between Windsor and Hampton Court. Today it serves as the ideal spot for visiting both Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, as well as Windsor Great Park, Runnymede, Ascot and much more. Set on 50 acres of iconic gardens and stunning grounds framed on three sides by a Saxon moat, complete with topiary mazes, a fountain, many thought provoking art sculptures, as well as a superb art-deco heated outdoor pool, this indeed stands alone as a one of a kind hotel property.

A perfect setting for the weary traveler, a rare find so close to an international airport, Great Fosters truly is a diamond in the rough. Originally built as a hunting lodge the building still bears evidence of the noblest of names that graced its halls such as Henry VIII who was thought to have used the house as a royal residence and hunting lodge. Princess Elizabeth, later Elizabeth I spent time there as a child and later used it herself for hunting as well. Over the porch, you will find the coat of arms that is dated 1598 signifying the royal connection. The connection is even more evident in the Anne Boleyn Room, where Queen Anne Boleyn’s personal crest and royal symbols are used.

 Walking the grounds you pay witness to the fact that this is easily one of the finest arts and crafts gardens in Europe, designed to imitate the effect of a Persian rug, its intricate formal patterns surely make for some world class photo opportunities. At the center you will find the Drake Sundial, which dates back to 1589 and is owned by the descendants of Sir Francis Drake. The main formal gardens were laid out in the 1920s with a knot garden bounded by clipped yew hedges. An Oriental bridge draped with Wisteria (a purple flowering plant) crosses the moat, and leads to a rose garden. Another one of the garden highlights is the Archery Pavilion, built in the 1920s and restored in 1998.

As one could imagine the accommodations at this iconic landmark are no less than magnificent. . Choose from 56 individually styled bedrooms, each designed with indulgence and all the comforts of home in mind. All of Great Foster’s bedrooms can be found spread across four buildings. The Main House, dating back to 1550 features a collection of beautiful historic suites and bedrooms, whilst The Cloisters and The Coach House, a short jaunt across a courtyard offer an array of more contemporary suites and rooms. The newly restored Dower House features 2 historic suites brimming with wondrous tales from a time long ago as well as two splendid suites and three luxury king bedrooms, all rich in their original details bearing the decor of that time. From 17th century Flemish tapestries adorning the walls to elaborately carved feature pieces dating back to Jacobean times and Grade I Listed wall features, you will feel like Tudor royalty who once called Great Fosters home in any one of The Historic Suites. 

At Great Fosters, expect the finest of modern English and European cuisine, created using only the finest local ingredients. Whether you choose to dine in their gastronomic restaurant The Tudor Pass, or opt for a more casual fare at The Estate Grill, prepare to embark on a culinary journey fit for a king or a queen. Recently re-opened for dinner service the former iconic Tudor Room became the new and improved Tudor Pass. Under the tutelage of Executive Head Chef Alex Payne guests will marvel at the level of excellence that is evident in each and every meal that is served. This intimate dining affair with only seven tables is a new chapter in the storied history, a chapter that Chef Payne is taking full responsibility for creating lasting memories for his guests in the years to come. Alex’s signature tasting menu which is available for both lunch and dinner is inspired by classic flavors and seasonal ingredients, artistically displayed using the most modern of techniques. Having worked under such culinary geniuses as Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay Alex’s approach to serving classic English fare with a twist surely is a sight to behold. 

Next stopover- Greece


Greece’s largest Island Crete, a tapestry of sun drenched beaches, ancient treasures, scenic landscapes all woven through vibrant cities and picturesque villages, a place that could easily be a vacation all on its own. Although not one of the ever popular Cyclades islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos or Paros, Crete offers a blend of breathtaking landscapes, ancient archaeological sites, quaint little towns, mountainous hiking and incredible food and wine culture. Although sadly only being graced with 48 hours on this wondrous ancient island we certainly made the best of the time we had. 

Abaton Island Resort & Spa

I think most can agree every great vacation starts with the finest of accommodations, Now if those accommodations happen to be one of the top resorts in all of Greece, well expect nothing less than the highest level of hospitality set in one of the most idyllic locations on the island of Crete. Abaton Island Resort & Spa, set on Crete’s northern coastline is conveniently located close to the lively town of Hersonissos, a vibrant town filled with nightlife, beach-side bars, restaurant and taverns. Although close to such a booming harbor town the real reason most guests flock to Abaton is for what it truly stands for, unrivaled seclusion bathed in luxury. Situated along a cliff seemingly melting into the shimmering, blue waters of the Aegean, this low lying, ultra-modern resort sits boldly against a long rocky shoreline. Opened in April 2018 and designed by Konstantinos Kaloutsakis, father of the hotel’s current owner Georgios Kaloutsakis the minimalist yet sophisticated layout is truly a spectacle that needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. Upon entering the hotel the light filled hilltop lobby gives way to enormous glass pane windows effortlessly displaying the beauty of the azure waters below. Leaving the lobby you make your way down a cascading, long wooden stairway as if entering the steps to the grand ballroom of the famed Titanic. A tour of the property is as awe inspiring as they come, the simplistic yet modern touches found all throughout the hotel brings a sense of peace and holistic wellness. White marble floors lead you to a number of thought provoking art installments throughout the hotel eventually inviting you outdoors to marvel in the surrounding beauty of the Abaton grounds. A stunning infinity pool as well as a private sandy beach with a jagged rocky cove entice you to fully immerse yourself in the scenic landscape before you. A place where rest and relaxation are of the utmost importance guests have many options of ways to spend their day in utter bliss. For those looking for more of an elevated beach club experience head over to the world renowned Buddha Bar on property for an afternoon or evening filled with Asian fusion cuisine, handcrafted cocktails international DJs and live events.

The crystal blue waters of the Aegean give way to a staggering backdrop for 152 exclusively-designed rooms, suites and villas. With a total of 14 different room types for guests to choose from Abaton Island Resort & Spa offers a multitude of open plan living quarters with oversized outdoor spaces that provide the utmost in comfort, luxury and seclusion. With well over half of the room options including their own private pools guests can opt to take in the awe inspiring sunsets and gorgeous skyline views from the comfort of their own personal sanctuary

Five dining options are available on property serving only the finest of ingredients spanning the globe with Abaton’s wide spanned culinary outreach. Guests can opt for local Cretan fare at Elemes, the finest cuts of meat at WOW Steakhouse, classic seafood dishes at Bony Fish restaurant, a diverse menu of international flavors at F-Zin Ivy League restaurant or Asian fusion at the aforementioned Buddha Bar Beach Club. A trio of skilled young chefs lead Abaton’s prominent food scene. Executive Chef Giorgos Christoforides, Executive Sous Chef Giorgos Chronakis and Executive Pastry Chef Michalis Giannoulis present the most imaginative of food pairings and award-winning dishes. Using fresh, local ingredients, together they create exquisite local Cretan and international fare for discerning diners. 

Crete Private Guide

It can be said that hiring a private tour guide can truly augment your overall experience when visiting a an exotic land. A personalized tour of unexplored streets, historical landmarks, architectural structures, and yes of course, the food;  for us this truly is the only way to see a new city. What makes a good tour guide? At Crete Private guide you will find exactly what defines this question. Firstly made up of a group of local passionate guides is an absolute must, it clearly comes across in your experience when a guide not only loves their job but the area they are presenting before you. Secondly, the fact that your guide pays attention to how you would like to spend your time throughout the entire touring process, what are your true interests and sticking to that plan is what makes the best tour possible. Crete Private Guide offers a number of recommended tours to take the guesswork out of the equation for its customers, whatever your interests are, likely there is a tour perfectly suited to fit your needs. From the Spirit of Crete which is a nature, mountain and villages private tour to the Drops of Crete for wine, beer and olive oil tasting private tour all the way to the Pathway to Tranquility Tour for 4X4 off-road exploration and private beach swimming, there truly is something for every interest. For our tour we chose The 4 Winds Private tour of the town of Chania which is arguably one of Crete’s greatest attractions. Taken through the picturesque narrow streets of this historic city we had the chance to talk with locals, taste the specialties of the area, different local drinks and get a first hand view of what truly made Chania such a unique place to visit. We traveled through time and history of the original cultural parts of the city (Ottoman, Venetian, Egyptian, Jewish) where we visited various places of interest such as temples, churches, shops and local sites, through our own observation and expert guidance we genuinely felt our time spent was exactly what we were looking for.

Miden Agan Premium Wine Cellar

One of the highlights of the Chania tour was a visit to Miden Agan Premium Wine Cellar. A leading business in all things wine since 2001 Miden Agan has been recognized both locally and internationally by such media outlets as Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, National Geographic as well as the BBC.

This family owned business has been thriving for decades due to the unbridled passion for not just producing and selling the finest of wines but more importantly bringing education to the island of Crete and beyond. By organizing conventions on wine and presenting it as a cultural product they have made great progress in putting a spotlight on the island of Crete for its excellent wine culture. One of the ways Miden Agan Premium Wine Cellar has brought recognition to the wines of Crete is through its annual Oinokritika Cretan Wine Exhibition. Started in 2007 this Pancretan cultural event showcases local wineries from all over the island of Crete bringing together local growers, producers and those interested in getting into viticulture in general. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones to have the chance to attend the local Oinokritika event make sure to stop by their store in the heart of downtown Chania; a place where you can not only try a multitude of the island’s best wines but also receive some great information on how to decipher a wine’s region, year and varietal as well as how to perfectly pair each wine with food.


For the ultimate authentic Cretan dining experience look no further than Salis restaurant. Located in the famed Chania harbor this iconic landmark has been serving traditional Greek cuisine made with a twist highlighting the finest of local farm-to-table ingredients. At Salis restaurant you will experience the best representation of Crete like no other location on the island, a place where creativity and sustainability are at the forefront, this is Salis in a nutshell. Growing almost all their own produce and paying close attention to organic, natural and sustainable ingredients customers are guaranteed the freshest and most flavor bursting meals imaginable. With a menu highly influenced by the varying seasons of Crete guests can expect a menu that is ever changing, yet still the most perfect representation of the finest of ingredients available at that time. Co-owner Afshin Molavi, a man wearing many hats is not only involved in the farming process but also an experienced sommelier and one of the most creative chefs in the kitchen we have ever come across. Utilizing every possible ingredient in his kitchen this culinary genius serves up some of the most incredible creative dishes you will ever have the experience of tasting.  For all lovers of the sea, you have definitely come to the right place. The freshest of seafood hand delivered right off the docks allows for some of the finest creations involving locally caught octopus, sea bass, corbfish and many other delicacies from the surrounding Mediterranean waters. For those craving a mouth watering local Cretan pasta dish the Carbonara with Mini Pennes is an absolute must. Fresh village eggs, wild boar sausage and bacon, a dish simple yet made to perfection.  Pairing these delectable dishes with one of the most varied wine lists on the island of Crete, Molavi along with head Sommelier Grigoris Rappos and Aimilios Andrei guarantee each and every customer a meal of a lifetime. 


Looking for fine dining in one of the most serene settings within the entire island of Crete? Look no further than La Bouillabaise at Minos Beach Art Hotel. This iconic property sits on the edge of Mirabello Bay in Agios Nikolaos and is arguably one of the most magical locations to experience the finest of dining under the stars. Making your way through the luxuriously designed property you pay close attention to the ease of perfection seamlessly blending elements of art and nature. One of Crete’s finest hotel properties since 1963 Minos Beach Art Hotel is a spattering of bungalows and villas with private pools overlooking the most stunning of ocean views and two private white sand beaches.

As you walk through a small piece of Crete’s rugged coastline the overall beauty of Minos Beach Art Hotel is suddenly interrupted by the most intoxicating of aromas, it then becomes clear, you have arrived at La Bouillabaisse. Sitting at your seaside table the shimmering waters demand your attention with a dazzling display of marine life swimming before you as the sun sets in the distance. With the most idyllic of settings before you, an esteemed team of La Bouillabaise’s best offers the highest level of customer service set up for a meal for the ages. What sets apart the overall experience at La Bouillabaise is the rare combination of traditional Cretan cuisine prepared in the most modern, artistic presentation in a setting that is second to none. The team of chefs enjoy the art of slow food and the ritual of cooking using the freshest of locally sourced ingredients showcasing the most authentic Cretan cuisine with a twist.  With an introduction to Head Chef Kryiakos Mylonas, it becomes instantly clear why La Bouillabaisse has been deemed one of the top dining establishments on the island. Born in Germany Chef Kyriakos started his culinary journey at the young age of 16 when he worked as an assistant in fine dining restaurants all throughout his region. Through dedicated education and experience in the kitchen he started to participate in culinary competitions and after a few years was set apart as one of the most distinguished chefs in his home country of Germany. After many years working in Michelin-starred restaurants in Germany and the UK, he eventually found himself in his new home of Crete. Upon the highest of recommendations, the true way to experience the culinary genius that is Chef Kyriakos is through his Degustation Menu which showcases the blending of traditional Cretan cuisine served with a flair. Start off with Amberjack with cucumber, gin and cedar seed, the lightest yet most flavorful way to start a meal, next moving to the Scallops St Jacques served with green peas, Shimeji mushrooms, lemon leaves and pumpkin, artistic perfection to a tee. Moving forward Langoustines served over passion fruit and Shiso leaves stuffed with rice set the stage for arguably one of the most flavorful fish dishes ever prepared. Turbot with celery root, black truffle and champagne which absolutely melts in the mouth, a rare seafood dish that could be a meal all in its own. Wagyu beef with asparagus, morel mushrooms, and black garlic gives way to the grand finale Mochi Choco cake with Macadamia praline and nutmeg ice cream. It is easy to see why Chef Kyriakos is among one of the most awarded chefs on the island of Crete, straight to the point La Bouillabaisse is a true masterpiece.


Arguably the most recognized of all the Greek Islands, Santorini stands alone in its pure stature, a sight that needs to be seen in person to be fully understood and easily one of the most magnificent landmarks on this entire planet. Arriving by high speed ferry the view from the ocean is as awe inspiring as they come, with multicolored cliffs soaring out of the most striking volcanic crater topped by whitewashed buildings, as surreal a view as the mind can fathom. As you make your way up the winding narrow roads you gaze below at the surrounding blue waters which seem miles away, you are about to experience one of the most incredible places in the world. 


Although world renowned for its cliff-side hotels and restaurants there truly is so much more to the island of Santorini. A multitude of villages, 20 to be exact, make up this magnificent volcanic rock structure each with its own character, personality and historical value. In the village of Mesaria you will find  NOŪS Santorini, one of the newest resorts on the island which in its short lifespan has created quite the impact on the ever evolving hotel scene. A part of Yes! Hotels Group NOŪS blends Santorini’s history (which dates back to more than 3000 years ago) with modernism and contemporary flair. Designed by Divercity Architects, in collaboration with MplusM Architects, the resort’s concept draws inspiration from the geometric shapes of Santorini’s architecture and was then presented in the most modern of terms. With the guests’ overall experience at the forefront, this property was intended to serve as the ultimate Grecian retreat combining luxury, tranquility and all the comforts of a five-star hotel. Centrally located only five minutes from Santorini International Airport and a ten minute shuttle from the Athinios Ferry Port guests revel in the convenience and ease of the hotels’ geographical position. A mere 3 km to Fira, the island’s capital, 17 km to the picturesque village of Oia, 11 km to the Red sand beach and 2.7 km to Monolithos black sand beach there truly isn’t a better spot to call home during your time on Santorini. 

Upon check-in a gracious and well trained staff will be at your beck and call to ensure the best possible experience while not only on property but also your time spent touring the island. With bags whisked away you find yourself drawn to the hotel pool, an oasis in itself. Seemingly to go on forever set against the crystal blue Mediterranean sky you instantly envision a day spent poolside basking in the sun. 

Making your way to your room you pay notice to the lush, sloped gardens that give way to luxuriously designed bungalows spread throughout the property each designed with maximum comfort, style and privacy in mind. 121 rooms, bungalows and suites contemporary in design come fully equipped with all the modern amenities one should expect from a five-star luxury property. Several room types are offered ranging from standard or superior garden rooms to pool bungalows all the way to deluxe pool suites each adding its own style, character and level of seclusion. To add to the Cycladic themed architectural design all of the resort’s common areas and rooms include volcanic-inspired artworks created by young Greek artists. Modern design icons of significant designers such as Doshi & Levien, Konstantin Grcic and Faye Toogood are also present throughout the grounds.

Dining at the resort’s signature restaurant is the definition of minimalist simplicity at its finest. Dine indoors or poolside enjoying the freshest local ingredients that the island of Santorini offers. The team of chefs use locally sourced organic produce combined with the best of ingredients from all over Greece to create a menu that guarantees the utmost guest satisfaction. The most tasteful, flavor bursting organic produce grown in a volcanic setting makes for mouth watering salads, pasta, seafood dishes and a variety of other traditional Greek recipes. Another one of the organic fruits that can be tasted at NOŪS is the ever famous Santorini grape. Because of zero annual rainfall and its overall struggle to survive in the volcanic setting the grapes on the island yield some of the densest, flavorful taste ever imagined. Getting their moisture from the sea mist and high mineral content from the volcanic rock makes for some of the finest world-class wines that can be found in the resort’s wine cellar. A wine tasting experience at  NOŪS is truly a one-of-a-kind experience learning the incredible viticulture that can be found nowhere else like this on planet earth.

For those looking for the ultimate pampering experience look no further than the resort’s five-star spa. Dedicated to the principles of ‘Ef Zin’ the Greek principle of well-being, this spa experience radiates a mind, body and soul approach to self-care. Here you will absorb the benefits of spa treatments using superior natural products that offer the therapeutic qualities of gifts of the earth. Featuring  5 treatment rooms, indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, cold tank, gym and outdoor yoga area guests can spend the day in the highest level of relaxation and rejuvenation. In addition, a Vitamin Bar operates in the spa area – a spot where guests can find fresh salads and juices, smoothies and local Santorini based products. 

NOŪS Santorini is a new hotel concept catering to those who want the most out of their time spent on one of the world’s most iconic islands. Contemporary design blended with the tradition of what makes Santorini so unique all served up in the highest level of modern luxury is what sets this hotel apart.

Metaxi Mas

Deemed the best restaurant in all of Santorini Metaxi Mas is a dining experience that absolutely cannot be missed. Upon researching the internet to read the reviews it seemed one restaurant kept coming up in every critic’s top five, and yes you guessed it the one and only, Metaxi Mas. Opened in 2009 by brothers Dimitri and Kosta Chrysoherakis, this family-owned business has been serving tourists and locals alike with the most authentic Cretan and Santorinian cuisine that is simply, to die for. Riding our scooters into the secluded village of Exo Gonia in south central Santorini we must admit finding this deemed hot spot was not as easy as we would imagine. Located down the steps from the church of Agios Charlambos, a monastery built in 1705, Metaxi Mas truly is a hidden gem. Not accepting reservations too far in advance guests may find themselves with a short wait but fear not the staff at the restaurant make sure their guests feel right at home. It has been said that those who wait will frequently be served a welcome offering, a tray of meze with cheese, olives, bread, and raki, the symbol of Cretan culture and hospitality. Metaxy Mas which literally translates to “between us” is exactly what you will feel as you are seated at your table with a view of the crystal blue Aegean Sea below. Good conversation, no time constraints, and incredible authentic cuisine made from the freshest local ingredients, this is what you will find during your time spent at Santorini’s best restaurant. With a menu that is bursting with flavor, it truly can be difficult to decide which items to choose with so many tantalizing options before you. With the understanding that Santorini is world renowned for some of the most flavor packed vegetables and fruits we decided to try several of the salads on the menu, The Cretan, The Pomegranate and The Rocket Salad, all highlighting the freshest of flavor bursting Santorini cherry tomatoes, Cretan Olive Oil, cucumbers, olives, feta, local honey, balsamic, oranges and more. An order of the Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) was arguably one of the best appetizers ever tasted with the most incredible flavor profile, sprinkled with fresh herbs and the most high quality olive oil one can imagine. Moving to the main courses the decision to go Greek style seemed inevitable, a sampling of the restaurant’s best dishes were heading our way. The chef’s selection consisted of Spicy Fried Pork, sautéed pork morsels finished with Assyrtiko Santorini wine, Lamb with Yogurt sauce flavored with spearmint and coriander, accompanied with aromatic bulgur, Grilled beef filet with Vinsanto sauce served with fresh mushrooms, asparagus and baby potatoes sautéed with fresh thyme. What would a proper Grecian feast be without a tasting of the famed local seafood you ask? The chef was certain to make sure we did not leave without trying two of his most requested dishes, the Shrimps Saganaki finished with ouzo, tomato sauce, fennel and feta cheese as well as the house specialty the Grilled Octopus with fresh oregano, balsamic, Cretan green olive oil, served with Santorinian fava. Two words can easily describe this Santorini family-owned business, absolute perfection!

Omnia Santorini

May 2018, the island of Santorini welcomes a brand new luxury property, one that brings a level of hospitality that is second to none, one with stunning sunset and dazzling ocean views for all of its 49 suites, one that showcases the best that Santorini has to offer, this property is Canaves Oia Epitome. Perched above the picturesque fishing town of Ammoudi this world-class hotel is home to one of the best vantage points on the entire island to catch the most awe inspiring sunsets on this planet. This past summer the property debuted its latest addition, a poolside restaurant that is quickly becoming the talk of the island. Omnia restaurant is a place where guests can fully immerse themselves in the ultimate Aegean cinematic performance while sampling a menu that highlights the best seafood available on Santorini. The evening kicks off sipping champagne while you stretch your legs on one of the pool’s sunbeds, the quintessential spot to catch the fiery red sun as its drops across the horizon. With a toast to one of the most magnificent viewpoints you will ever pay witness to you make your way back to your table for a meal to remember. Chef Tasos Stefatos has curated a menu filled with the most succulent fresh seafood from the surrounding Archipelago, a menu that is encouraged to be shared, filled with the highest quality of local fish, mollusks and more. From fresh salads such as the Lobster with watercress, beetroot and citrus fruit to Thesauri Greek Caviar Selection Beluga, Oysters Rockefeller to Sardines Cured with Lemon and Oregano, all highlighting a wide variety of delectable treats from the local Santorini waters. For more substantial menu items make sure to try the Kolopia pie with Prawns and Spinach, the Saganaki Shrimp Fondue, or the Moussaka with Langoustine, all specialties that Chef Tasos has created from the multi-cultural culinary influences he has gained through his worldly travels.


Another one of Santorini’s most famed restaurants, Roka, a place where you can find locals enjoying the freshest of dishes, the truest sign of an authentic hotspot. Only a minute’s stroll from the famed caldera main walkway you will find yourself entering a labyrinth of a 1912 building. Warm colors, bougainvillea draped stoned walls invite guests into a courtyard filled with trees and flowers, Roka’s hidden and private setting with each and every table filled tells you something special is happening here. Enjoy stunning views on the balcony or on the small patio at the back of the restaurant where wonderful sea views of the northwest side of the island can be captured. The pleasant atmosphere is as welcoming as it comes, sipping local Greek wines from the Argyros Estate, sampling local olives, breads and cheese, this truly is a local hideaway. With Head Chef Koukouvas Nikos at the helm a wealth of experience is showcased through his menu, sticking to a theme of less is more this 1 Michelin star chef is surely here to impress. Hoping to leave a gastronomic mark on the island of Santorini Chef Nikos’ worldly travels have brought him back to his roots to put a slight twist on the classic dishes. Highlighted plates on Chef Nikos menu include the Roka Salad which is comprised of Greek vegetables, wild rocket, organic herbs, quinoa, caramelized fruit, cranberry, fresh fruit in a blackberry sauce, Traditional local Fava Beans with sauteed Crayfish tails, White Aubergine Cannelloni filled with goat cheese crusted with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs and Risotto with mushrooms, black truffle and spicy pecorino. Small and off the beaten path yet everything one could desire from an authentic Santorini dining experience, Roka should definitely be on your list of restaurants to visit!