Every Pup Deserves a Spa Day

By Murphy the Moose

With all the recent rain and nasty weather lets just say I have not been the cleanest. My parents kept harping at me to “clean it up” yet every mud puddle looked so inviting I had to roll around in them. Every day my pack and I search out the dirtiest spots we can find on our walks and even we were starting to take notice of our stench; we had to admit it was time. After hearing our parents talk about this new place called “Muddy Paws” instantly our ears perked up. Massages and mud baths sounded good to us! We jumped in the car and headed to Orange with our heads out the window taking in some good old fashioned California sunshine. As we pulled up all three of us started to notice that we didn’t see any mud, were we getting punked?

We entered this so called “Muddy Paws” and right away our hearts started to pound, it was a trick and we were trapped! We were guided one by one into a back room and up a set of stairs into a big square enclosed space. What is going on here? All of a sudden we felt warm water being sprayed all over us and then it began. A gentle massage started and I felt my tail relax; hold on a second, I think I like this!

First, after a thick lather of delightful smelling soap we were given a flea shampoo and thank god because those little buggers have been driving me crazy, scratching day in and day out, say goodbye my little friends! Next after we were squeaky clean we experienced what they call a blueberry facial and man did it taste good. Post facial they brushed our teeth and even gave us a mud bath treatment! Now we understood and while it wasn’t the same as a mud puddle, we certainly did enjoy it.

After the whole process was over we were taken one by one over to a wall and blow dried until we were all fluffed up! Nail trimming followed by a good brush out and then finished with a customized bandanna and we were stylin! We haven’t looked this good since, well never. As we headed towards the door ready to head home we could smell something scrumptious behind the counter, wait, do I smell donuts? We walked around to the front of the counter and bam there it was, a full barkery! Donuts, cupcakes, cookies, what a doggy dream come true! The lady that washed us was so nice she gave each of us our own customized donut, (of course Lucia got the pink one). Dublin and I had chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate, yummy!

I would have to say the three of us were quite taken back by this whole experience and we were grateful for the trick. Take us back whenever you want! Hey, maybe we will try just a little harder to get muddier next time. muddypawsOC.com