Fitness on the Go

Traveling is all about packing a bag and setting out on an adventure with no itinerary, no appointments and no schedule. Vacations are supposed to be a time to relax and take a time out from your daily responsibilities. In the spirit of that, your workouts are usually the first to go. Depending on your commitment level to your current fitness plan some people make it a high priority to get their workout in while some simply do everything they can to avoid breaking a sweat.  There are many ways that you can sneak in a workout without disrupting the leisurely vacation you have been looking forward to all year.

When we travel chance has it that there are a few extra calories being consumed as we love to eat! Eating out while traveling is most people’s favorite thing to do, trying an areas local cuisine is a must to truly experience a new city.

Even if you’re not on vacation this is a good rule to follow, calories in should affect how many calories you attempt to burn off each day. So the big question is if you’re going to work out while you’re on vacation what is the most efficient way to do so? Before you even leave town, investigate the workout facilities in and around your hotel. Some hotels offer fitness classes, gyms and active sports on property. If your hotel doesn’t offer any of these programs check for nearby parks with jogging trails or local gyms with day passes.

If you choose to do an outdoor activity (which is our personal preference) then make sure to watch the weather before arriving to make sure you pack appropriately.  Another thing to consider is what type of workout are you looking for? Are you a fitness buff that needs heavy resistance training or are you an outdoor adventure athlete looking for an adrenaline rush?  We like to do a combination of both, we love to stay as active as possible playing sports such as tennis, golf, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and running on the beach.

Our favorite piece of fitness equipment that we never leave home without is the CrossCore180® Rotational Bodyweight Trainer. First off it comes in a small bag about the size of a cantaloupe which makes it easy to transport. Second, it is a uniquely diverse training tool that can work every part of the body. The device is comprised of a pulley and a strap that attaches to anything. The exercise options are endless; you simply attach the system to a tree branch, a pole, the back of a door and you are ready to do a full body workout. The best part is anyone can use a CrossCore180®, there are no limitations, and to increase difficulty you simply change your body angle in each exercise, making it the perfect workout tool for those on the go.

What’s in our suitcase when we travel? Running Shoes, Tennis Rackets, an iPod, CrossCore180®, a Jump Rope and a Resistance Band.

Full Body Workout on the Go:

Crosscore Rows, Squats, Chest Press, Tricep Press, Bicep Curl, Shoulder Raise, Suspended Lunge, Calf Raise (30 seconds per set)

Jump Rope (5 minutes)

Resistance Band-Lateral (3 minutes)

Repeat 3 times!