From Beverly Hills to St. Tropez Morgan Stewart & Brendan Fitzpatrick are Living the LA Dream

LATM_Morgan_Brenden_Final_002smAs stars on the E! hit reality series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick’s relationship has blossomed right before our eyes. From dating to planning their next vacation as an engaged couple, this whirlwind romance is on track to set the test of time. While both have an eye for fashion, the couple is planting new roots in Beverly Hills with style and class. When they’re not filming you can find them enjoying the open ocean with Naos Yachts, lounging poolside at Hotel Bel-Air or sipping cocktails at The Nice Guy. Even with St. Tropez right around the corner, Brendan & Morgan love to getaway together and can’t get enough trips on the books. As they say, the couple that travels together stays together and these two are travel perfection.

1. Where was your first trip abroad?

MS: Switzerland
BF: Paris

2. Where have you travelled during the show and where would you like to see the show go next?

MS: We have gone to Mexico, China, The Bahamas, Wyoming, London & Las Vegas.
BF: We both would love to see Australia, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for visiting during Season 4.

3. What has it been like to have your dating relationship translate from real life onto reality T.V. with an audience to watch?

MS: I don’t really think it’s been that stressful because we are the way we are on and off camera; so far it hasn’t been that strenuous.

BF: We are both very confident and have great communication in our relationship so what you see on the show is pretty accurate. We have received a lot more positive feedback rather than negative about our relationship from our viewers which we really appreciate.

4. What is your ideal vacation?

MS: We went to St. Tropez last summer and going again in a few weeks, we love it there.
BF: I prefer a relaxed vacation on the beach with a cocktail in hand doing as little as possible.


5. If you could travel with anyone in the world (besides each other) who would it be and where would you go?

MS: Karl Lagerfeld, wherever he would want to go I am down.

BF: I would actually like to travel alone. It would be cool to go somewhere foreign by myself and meet new people.

Traveling alone forces you out of your comfort zone so I think that would be a unique experience that would really benefit me in the long run.

6. Who is your favorite LA designer?

MS: Lady and the Sailor I love their t-shirts it’s very classic and very me.
BF: Hedi Slimane, Yves Saint Laurent

7. What is your favorite thing to do when you have time off from the show?

MS: Sit, taking time for ourselves during the show can be difficult. It is very busy and we are always with the same people. I really enjoy working out, going to dinner and we really try to travel as much as we can.

BF: Travel is really important to us because it gives us a chance to reconnect. We are fortunate we can travel together and experience new things. Our first trip together was New York City; it really showed us how well we travel together.

LATM_Morgan_Brenden_Final_007sm8. What are your plans for after the show?

MS: I love the show, I know it’s a lot of work but it’s so involved and you become this weird dysfunctional family. I really would love to have my own talk show someday. I would love for my website to continue to grow. I would even consider doing standup, most comedians are men, and I think I can be pretty humorous.

BF: I’ve had a career in real estate before and during the show and I see that continuing an I am going to stay on that track and also focus more on the developer and designer side of the business.

9. Name your favorite places in LA: Best Hotel/Best Restaurant/Best Activity or Attraction & Best Place to get your drink on

MS: Hotel Bel-Air, we are frequent visitors and like to escape locally. My favorite activity is to hit the Tomoko Spa, it is the most incredible Japanese Spa on Beverly Drive, it is lights out incredible. The Nice Guy is our go to for a night out.

BF: Yes, the best hotel is by far the Hotel Bel-Air. Madeo is both of our favorites when it comes to dining in Los Angeles. I like to go golfing on any of the great courses around here especially the LA Country Club, Bel-Air Country Club and Hillcrest.

LATM_Morgan_Brenden_Final_009sm10. How do you see yourselves as a couple in the next five years?

MS: Definitely married, we will continue to motivate each other, possibly a baby within five years,
BF: I agree.

Photography By: Huey Bui