From Dalia to Delia, Necar Zadegan is Taking Off

image1 (6)As a star on Bravo’s hit series Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, Necar Zadegan is perfecting the power female role and making girls everywhere envious (while many are taking notes). From her days on Broadway to her well known recurring role on the series 24, the beautiful and talented actress never stops challenging herself and we just love that about her. From past to present, Necar is as worldly as they come. Born in Germany, raised in San Francisco and now a resident of Los Angeles, she has endured many life experiences and we wish we had more time to pick her brain. We sat down with the actress to get the goods on her adventurous side and her many tips to travel more efficiently.

LATM: What is your ideal vacation?

NZ: Depends on what I’m looking for at the time. Sometimes, I’m just looking for R & R and sometimes, I’m looking for inspiration. Often the two coincide. Either way, I think ideally it’s someplace warm and exotic and with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

LATM: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

NZ: I’ve wanted to travel to Turkey for the very longest time. I’d wait until the temperature is warmer though. It’s December. This very moment I think I’d head to Brazil! Sao Paolo for New Year’s sounds like it might be perfect.

LA TRAVEL MAGAZINE13717LA Travel Mag0073Fav smLATM: If you could bring anyone with you (past or present), who would it be?

NZ: My sister and my mister.

LATM: What is your favorite thing to do when you have time off from the show?

NZ: Truthfully? Eat pasta and drink wine. That’s the truth.

LATM: Name your favorite places in L.A.: Best Hotel/Best Restaurant/Best Activity or Attraction & Best Bar or Lounge

NZ: Shutters is a beautiful hotel right on the beach. Piccolo is nearby and it’s a fantastic Italian restaurant.  Temescal Canyon is my favorite hike. The flea market at the rose bowl in Pasadena is my favorite place for intense house shopping. 3rd street is where I usually find my coffee and juiceries.

LA TRAVEL MAGAZINE13539LA Travel Mag0030Fav smLATM: Where is your favorite destination to travel for a “Girlfriends Getaway”? Romantic Escape?

NZ: A great girlfriend’s getaway is Calistoga Springs. Wine tasting, great food and mud spas are great things to do while catching up with the girls. For a romantic getaway, Tulum on the Mayan Riviera has been my favorite destination of late. Fresh fish and lazy days in a beach bungalow are really romantic.

LATM: What are three things you never travel without?

NZ: A journal, pair of jeans and hair conditioner.

LATM: What is your most memorable travel experience (good or bad)?

NZ: A trip to Iran with my grandmother.

LA TRAVEL MAGAZINE13635LA Travel Mag0074Fav smLATM: Are there any travel tips you would like to share with our readers?

NZ: So many!  But here are my top 3: Use a moisturizing mask on a long flight to keep hydrated; Sisley and Alchimie both have good ones in a variety of price points. Pack as light as possible. Last but not least make a small case of necessities that you accidentally might need.

LATM: What are your travel pet peeves? Tell us the best and worst things about traveling.

NZ: The best thing about traveling is getting away and changing your head space and the worst thing about traveling is dealing with the airport hoopla.  I try to make it as relaxing as possible. Or take other transport. Trains and automobiles can be an even better way to see someplace new.