Get Lost in an Immersive Distillery Tour in Sin City

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, never stops growing and equally never stops evolving with its dazzling entertainment value that brings in over 32 million visitors a year. One of the newest tourist attractions Area 15 is a stopover that cannot be missed on your next trip to Sin City. This immersive bunker-style retail and entertainment complex offers something for everyone with its larger-than-life art installations, virtual reality experiences, outdoor concerts, shopping, dining, axe throwing, and yes even a zip lining tour as you soar above the indoor retail space. There truly is the only thing you must bring with you when you spend the day at Area 15 (besides your wallet) and that my friends, is your imagination.

Now that your interest has peaked and your imagination is ready to be taken for a wild ride let us introduce you to our favorite stopover inside this mega-compound, The Lost Spirits Distillery Tour. First off, this attraction is far from your typical distillery tour, quite the opposite. This one-of-a-kind tasting experience comes from the twisted mind of Bryan Davis, a man that has dedicated his entire life to pushing the limits with every experiment he unveils, a man with a thrill-seeking attitude that was made for Sin City. From his first at-home rum distillery at 16 to launching his own Absinthe line in Spain to running one of the top distilleries in the country, this man has done it all. His first major move in the U.S market came with the opening of a highly creative and modern distillery in Northern California back in 2010. Davis and his partner at the time were tasting the fruits of their labor and gaining fans left and right, so much so that they opened a new facility in Los Angeles where Lost Spirits Distillery came fully to life.

In 2015 Davis made a significant mark in the industry with his invention of the Thea One Reactor, a device that enabled him to drastically reduce the time needed to age alcohol, rumor has it this device uses Photodegradation at an intensity three times the sun to age the alcohol 10-20 years in just six days! This futuristic device and much more can be seen during your tour at the Lost Spirits Distillery in Las Vegas. The tour includes a vivid combination of live entertainment, unexpected science, and a tasting of five award-winning, ultra-high-proof rums filled with twists and turns around every corner. Upon arrival guests embark on their spirits journey through a dim-lit entryway where the story begins, a labyrinth of themed rooms awaits. From a multi-sensory submarine experience to an animatronic bird show to cirque performances, magicians, snake charmers, and more there is only one thing that can be said, welcome to the creative mind of Bryan Davis. If you are one of the lucky ones who get the pleasure of spending time with the master curator himself, you will find yourself enamored by the conversation before you. The passion and fervor of a man possessed with bringing entertainment to the masses are on full display with each themed room you step inside and experience.

We don’t want to give too much away as this imaginative experience is chock full of surprises and a bit hard to explain. It is certainly a tasting one should embrace firsthand and with an open mind to fully appreciate. This football-field-size immersive dream world is a must-visit on your next visit to Sin City.

Images Courtesy of Lost Spirits Distillery

Written by Jennifer Mclaughlin, Editor