Going Under the Tank at Mrs. Fish

As you walk down the stairs into this underground world, you can’t help but be in awe. From the ambience of the place down to the last sip from your delicious cocktail, Mrs. Fish surpasses the expectations of what a nightlife lounge has to offer. As you take in your surroundings you notice a wonderful melody flowing through your ears and quickly see the live performance taking place in the middle of the lounge. Mrs. Fish is one of LA’s newest lounges in Downtown LA located within walking distance to Pershing Square.

Wanting to remain unknown, the gentleman who opened the lounge named it “Mrs. Fish” after his wife. The gorgeous 5,500 gallon aquarium that hangs above your head when you get to the bottom of the stairway is a natural expectation for a lounge with an aquatic name.

The idea of Mrs. Fish began with the owner’s desire to make it a place that is unexpected and unlike the typical lounges found throughout the city. Out of the ordinary when it comes to its size, the venue is more along the lines of a “Mega Lounge”.

No matter what night you stop over for a visit, you are guaranteed live performers from open to close. Some recurring performers you’ll find here are Reverend Tall Tree, Wolf Prize, Tapioca and the Flea, Liza Colby, Strings Massive and more. The lounge tries to use every artist twice a month, ensuring every time you come to Mrs. Fish you know you are guaranteed something new. The music consists mainly of Rock-influences similar to the sounds spanning from The Beatles to Arctic Monkey.

Perhaps the most unique factor of place is that it’s so approachable compared with other LA nightlife lounges. You won’t be intimidated when you come to this place because the staff is wonderful and treats you like family.

The food selection is vast with appetizer size portions perfect for sharing. From chips, sliders, sushi, and skewers, if you are craving it they probably have it.

LATM Recommendations: Try the Pigs in Zen, which are Pork Skewers made with sherry maple soy glaze and sweet pepper carrot slaw—this appetizer gives you a fine balance of what is just enough. The signature cocktail to try is The Flaming Hetfield, a version of the classic old-fashioned but with a twist. mrsfish.com