Indonesian Paradise at Sea

Photography Courtesy of Prana by Atzaro

It is safe to say that 2020 brought more challenges on a global scale than most of us have experienced in our entire lives. There are very few industries that have flourished in this worldwide pandemic and unfortunately, luxury travel was not among them. Travelers around the world have been seeking out nearby adventures but sometimes local just does not cut it; the yearning to jump on a plane and fly overseas grows with each passing day. It has been almost a year of waiting for borders to open and we are happy to announce that travel is starting to come back slowly in most countries around the world. As we get closer to the return of international travel and new regulations are being laid out, it is time to start planning that trip of a lifetime.

Today is your lucky day, as we unleash a secret escape that has easily been well worth the wait. Last year, right before the pandemic began, we escaped to Indonesia and discovered a luxury yacht that honestly changed the way we look at travel. Created by the founders of the world-famous Ibiza-based Atzaro Hotel Group, Prana by Atzaro, the world’s largest and most luxurious Phinisi (Indonesian crafted sailboat), offers its guests a once-in-a-lifetime sailing experience traversing across some of the most pristine uninhabited waters in the world.

From the moment you step onto this hand-crafted beauty you immediately feel the excitement set in. Kick-off your shoes, take a deep breath and inhale the eucalyptus-scented towel that is given to you upon boarding, sink into one of the plush daybeds on deck and get ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The warm, caring staff are attentive to your every desire as you sip a freshly squeezed juice. While they put your mind at ease with an itinerary fit for royalty, introductions are made to the 18 man crew as everyone is welcomed. The crew members consist of a cruise director, dive instructors, stewards, a culinary team, and several spa therapists. Oversized gangways and four spacious decks with king-size daybeds offer abundant places to retreat and relax. A yoga deck doubles as an open-air cinema and Prana by Atzaro’s main deck has inside and outside living, a spa, a water sports deck and a further suite. After a quick briefing and a tour of the 180-foot beauty, you are shown to one of the nine luxurious suites where you will lay your head for the duration of your trip.

With sails set and bags unpacked you make your way to the upper deck to start this incredulous journey of a lifetime. Welcome cocktails and light bites are served as you sit back and let the wind flow freely through your hair, it is now time to let go, and just like that, every cell in your body is at full relaxation. A pre-dinner rest seems like the best of ideas after enjoying the picture-perfect horizon. Head down to your air-conditioned sanctuary and fade away into dreamland; there is no judgment here.

Mealtime is an absolute treat aboard Prana by Atzaro, as local Indonesian chefs create some of the most spectacular spreads you will ever lay eyes on, the freshest of ingredients formulated into works of art each time you gather. Dining is offered in three different settings, inside the air-conditioned dining room, alfresco under the stars, or as a special treat with your toes in the sand on your very own private island!

Every morning as the sun rises the scent of fresh pastries and local delicacies waft through the air summoning you to jump out of bed. Breakfast onboard boasts a stunning spread of Indonesian cuisine, exotic fruits, freshly squeezed juices, and made-to-order items including omelets and more. Local noodle dishes such as Mie Goreng and Nasi Goreng make for a great way to start your day nourishing your body with plenty of energy for the active day ahead.

Depending on where the captain has dropped anchor each morning, your cruise director offers each guest several options to curate an adventurous day. Whichever route you choose the crew on Prana by Atzaro makes it a top priority to accommodate every need. Start your day snorkeling or scuba diving through some of the most beautiful reefs in the world, teeming with more marine life and colorful, pristine corals one can imagine. Raja Ampat (meaning Four Kings) is an archipelago of more than 1500 islands, located off the northwestern tip of West Papua. The waters here are said to hold over 75% of the world’s marine species and showcase over 540 types of corals. Swim alongside sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, and endless tropical fish in areas that are rarely inhabited by people. If you are not scuba certified a team of master divers onboard offers one on one training to make sure you are educated before exploring the world’s most biodiverse reef systems with the rest of your shipmates. For those looking to stay above the water, several options are available including paddleboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, fishing, and more. When you are ready for a break from the water, spend the day on deck and enjoy the spa or a yoga session.

A day trip to the surrounding islands is one of the highlights you will cherish during your time onboard Prana by Atzaro. Spending the day exploring untouched flora and fauna in total solitude is sure to release any stress you may have brought with you on the trip. As your watercraft slowly pulls up to the white powdery beach, relaxation sets in as you take in the surrounding natural beauty. Umbrellas and towels are waiting under the palm trees to ensure a day of bliss. Venture to the top of the island via scenic hike for a 360-degree panoramic perspective of the islands below. The view will not only take your breath away but also ensures the perfect photo opp.

One of the most memorable parts of each luxurious stay aboard Prana by Atzaro is their toes in the sand dining experience. As you are shuttled towards your very own secluded island, a magical scene unfolds before your very eyes. The beach sets the stage for a perfect evening under the stars with white linen-draped tables adjacent to the water, tiki torches, and plush beanbags to lounge on. Get ready because this is a dinner you won’t soon forget. A team of chefs awaits your arrival after preparing a gourmet beach-side feast for all to enjoy. Post-dinner, guests are invited to pull up a beanbag and sip their favorite cocktail as they stare at the star-filled skies above. As if the evening wasn’t spectacular enough one of the crew members will surprise everyone as they unveil the evening’s entertainment. We cant think of a better way to cap off one of the most unforgettable days in paradise than being swept away by a sensual fire dance under the stars.

A trip aboard Prana by Atzaro will not only leave you with memories of a lifetime but also with new friends for life. As the majestic beauty that is Prana by Atzaro arrives at the harbor for disembarkment you will find yourself saying goodbye with tears in your eyes. The time spent onboard is unique and Raja Ampat’s natural beauty is something everyone must experience. Each day is filled with luxury at the highest level and will leave you with high expectations for your next vacation. With fine dining, unlimited water sports, onboard spa treatments, unforgettable diving, and the chance to visit some of the world’s most beautiful heritage sites, Prana by Atzaro encapsulates a perfect unison between ancient craftsmanship and contemporary luxury. As you take one last glance at this hand-crafted masterpiece, her two masts and seven sails standing strongly before you, one thing is for certain Prana by Atzaro has delivered a once-in-a-lifetime sea-faring journey that you will never forget!

Prana by Atzaro sails all year round and destinations available depend on the season and the winds. Komodo National Park is visited from May to October, the Banda Islands in October/November and in April/May and Raja Ampat from December to April.

The starting price for a full charter is $15,000 per day accommodating a maximum of 18 guests with 9 luxuriously appointed suites. Prices are all-inclusive and include all meals and snacks, laundry and internet as well as watersports, diving and excursion fees. For more information visit