On the Scene: Insomniac’s 8th Annual Escape Psycho Circus

By Olga Piskunova / Photography By Ken Alcazar

Insomniac’s 8th annual Escape Psycho Circus did not disappoint this year. The 2-day mega event sold-out to a crowd of 125,000 attendees. North America’s largest Halloween dance music festival and freak show included 70 DJ’s playing across four gigantic stages. The event offered non-stop music for every EDM lover spread throughout the venue. Each setting highlighted an entirely unique experience and offered a different feel from the intricate setup to the vibe and music style. Factory 93’s Cannibal’s Tea House, Chopping Block, Ghouls Graveyard and the main stage Slaughterhouse, with the DJ booth inside a clown’s mouth with LED eyes and circus cages on the side, housed over 731 video tiles, 450 lights and 16 lasers, complemented with performances by Martin Garrix, Seven Lions, Kaskade, Yellow Claw, Galantis, and Diplo.

The crowd’s energy is the defining difference between Escape Psycho Circus and any other Halloween event. Never have we seen so many people in costumes. There were individual getups to entire groups of people in perfectly matching ensembles.

There is so much to explore during the festivities. Tucked away, was Shanghai Surprise speakeasy, disguised as a noodle shop storefront. The intimate bar was a hidden gem, only accessible through a refrigerator door in the back of the restaurant’s lobby.

The Wonderland Asylum is a must do. It’s Escape’s very own version of a Haunted house of horrors. Once inside, you’re fitted with a straitjacket and mask as you venture through the dark maze of 30 different rooms, padded walls, graveyards, morgue and bloody showers.

Those who are fortunate enough to have a VIP wristband will witness noteworthy views of Slaughterhouse Stage and have access to the VIP lounge area which showcases an amazing LED floor entryway, hookah lounge, hot chocolate-coffee and popcorn station, charging stations, lockers, food trucks, a beauty bar and private bathrooms.

Again, and again Insomniac goes above and beyond every year to make this overall experience unforgettable and will leave you wanting more. Visit insomniac.com to check out their upcoming events EDC in Orlando, Countdown NYE at the NOS Events Center and EDC 2019 in Las Vegas.