Laundry Sauce: Laundry Pods for the Stylish Traveler

Laundry isn’t the first thing anyone wants to do while on a luxury vacation or weekend getaway; but Ian and Austin Blair are changing that with the launch of their new product, Laundry Sauce

Brothers Ian and Austin Blair; (ages 29 and 27) up with an idea to disrupt the stale laundry market by creating Laundry Sauce.

The Blair brothers were bored by the mundane scents in the detergent aisle and frustrated that no brands matched the level of premium fragrances that their lifestyles have become accustomed to.

Laundry Sauce makes high-end detergent packets that have unique scents and modern packaging and design; the packaging makes it perfect to bring on a vacation and put in your luggage.

The Siberian Pine Scent, our personal favorite, is Inspired by the far-north tundra, where nature thrives pristine and untouched. Crisp juniper, cool geranium, frozen oakmoss and an ethereal touch of white mint combine to create an unrivaled freshness. Precious amber adds a feeling of cleanliness, while the purity of tonka brings a touch of softness.

So next time you travel be sure to pack some Laundry Sauce so you won’t have to deal with humdrum hotel laundry service ever again.