The Revitalization of The Mayfair Hotel, DTLA

Photos Courtesy of The Mayfair Hotel

The emergence of the newly designed DTLA has officially started, and this past due transition couldn’t arrive at a better time. Block by block, one building at a time the first phase of “Facelift LA” is happening right before our eyes. Property values are up, new restaurants are opening and hotels are remodeling to keep up. One of the most recent renovations is the historic Mayfair Hotel.

Established in 1926 the Mayfair Hotel recently lifted the curtain, and the reviews have been nothing but stellar. Aspiring to be the new social hub of the downtown area, LA-based Icelandic architect and interior designer Gulla Jónsdóttir masterfully planned the hotel’s new aesthetic aiming to bring the historic landmark back to life. Teaming up with artist Kelly “Risk” Graval the property is now an “art-centric” gathering place for locals and tourists alike. With the heavy artistic influence from Graval, the hotel showcases a custom-built podcast studio, a communal writing room (for aspiring Hollywood writers) and an art gallery displaying a multi-million-dollar collection of art and photography.

The renovation implemented a cohesive redesign unveiling modern new space throughout the hotel all the while staying true to the history and character of the original early 20th-century landmark.

The rebirth of the Mayfair Hotel has debuted with a bang. With its sultry interior design blending seamlessly with its upscale trendy culinary scene as well as a lively arts and entertainment program the dynamic duo of Jónsdóttir and Graval have made their mark. Whether stopping by for inspiration on your artistic journey, Sunday Brunch or a week-long business trip the Mayfair Hotel offers an escape for every need.