Meet the Ladies of Buying Beverly Hills: Farrah Aldjufrie, Alexia Umansky, and Sophia Umansky

The Power of Sisterhood: Farrah Aldjufrie, Alexia Umansky, and Sophia Umansky Take the SoCal Real Estate World by Storm on “Buying Beverly Hills”

A remarkable triple-threat trio has emerged in the realm of real estate, showcasing the true power of sisterhood. Farrah Aldjufrie, Alexia Umansky, and Sophia Umansky, united by blood and a shared passion for the industry, have set their sights on conquering the competitive world of high-end properties. Their incredible journey and family ties have catapulted them into the limelight, earning them a coveted spot on the hit TV show, “Buying Beverly Hills.”

With each sister bringing their unique skills and expertise to the table, this formidable trio is quickly made a name for themselves in the cutthroat real estate landscape. Farrah’s impeccable negotiation skills and industry experience, Alexia’s innate understanding of client relationships and connection, and Sophia’s fresh new perspective and youthful energy form the perfect blend for success.

Beyond their professional endeavors, the sisters share a deep bond grounded in their family ties. Growing up together and witnessing their father’s success in the industry, they have cultivated a strong foundation of support and collaboration. This seamless connection has become the driving force behind their rise to prominence and serves as a reminder of the power of sisterhood.

Farrah, Alexia, and Sophia’s united front extends beyond the realms of real estate. They are not just co-workers but also sisters who understand the importance of cherishing family moments. Their shared love for adventure and exploration often takes them on exciting travel escapades, fostering bonds that go beyond the professional realm.

As this united trio continues to make waves in the world of real estate and captivate audiences with their charisma, it is evident that the power of sisterhood is an unstoppable force in their journey to success. Their appearance on “Buying Beverly Hills” offers viewers an inside look into the sisters’ careers as they navigate the complex world of luxury real estate. From showcasing breathtaking properties to sealing lucrative deals, their unwavering dedication and determination shine through.


Farrah’s unwavering passion for real estate has guided her since childhood. Her journey in the industry has taught her the significance of developing genuine relationships with clients and prioritizing their best interests.

Drawn to neighborhoods and houses as a child, she eagerly accompanied her stepdad, Mauricio, to open houses every Sunday. Despite initially considering a career in psychology, Farrah eventually discovered her true calling and resided in the world of real estate. However, as she embarked on her professional journey, she quickly realized that the field was far more challenging than it appeared. While being a real estate agent may hold allure, offering opportunities to explore remarkable properties and meet new people, Farrah understood that success in the industry extended beyond mere transactional closings.

In contrast to some agents who prioritize speedy deals, Farrah firmly believes in the value of active listening and empathizing with clients. She emphasizes the importance of understanding their desires and aspirations rather than imposing her own. Building enduring relationships based on trust and prioritizing her client’s best interests define the core essence of being a real estate agent in Farrah’s perspective.

Farrah recently got engaged, and as she embarks on a new chapter in her life with her upcoming wedding, she is envisioning a blissful honeymoon in the Maldives or Bora Bora, where she and her partner can disconnect from the world and embrace unforgettable moments together.


Alexia, an avid traveler, has had the privilege of embarking on numerous adventures with her family, exploring diverse destinations. Their preferred mode of transportation is by boat, sailing across the vast oceans of Europe, showcasing their deep affinity for water. Further expanding her horizons, she studied abroad in Barcelona, immersing herself in Spain’s vibrant culture. These escapades have endowed her with extensive travel knowledge and a well-traveled spirit.

When entertaining clients from out of town, Alexia has a selection of favorite spots in mind to showcase the best of LA. The iconic Hollywood Bowl takes precedence as it offers a diverse array of captivating concerts and comedy shows to cater to various tastes.

She also favors unassuming establishments that offer exceptional culinary experiences. With an eclectic palate, she recommends Jitlada in Thai Town for delectable Thai cuisine, despite the distance. Alexia also suggests indulging in classics like Craig’s and notable sushi options like Shabuya and Shu, while Pine and Crane in Silverlake is her go-to recommendation for Taiwanese cuisine. Alexia’s passion for food drives her eagerness to offer suggestions for any specific area in LA.

Above all, Alexia emphasizes the significance of fostering strong relationships with her clients. She aspires to transcend the role of a mere real estate agent and become a trusted friend throughout the decision-making process. Alexia firmly believes that personal connections are crucial, in creating a supportive and comfortable environment for her clients.


Sophia, a passionate traveler, eagerly awaits her family’s annual European adventures, which she considers the highlight of her year. Additionally, they frequent Aspen, making about five trips annually, and always striving to travel as much as possible. Among the various destinations Sophia has explored, Cabo holds a special place in her heart, especially when she can share the experience with her friends.

During vacations, Sophia’s ideal routine involves sleeping in as late as possible, indulging in unrestricted local food, staying up late, and embracing a relaxed atmosphere. While she generally prefers a more laid-back approach, Sophia is open to occasional ventures into more exhilarating activities.

When it comes to dining in LA, Sugarfish is undeniably Sophia’s favorite restaurant. Ysabel also ranks high on her list, along with trendy hotspots like Koi and Nobu in Malibu, as well as any rooftop bar with a stunning view, such as E.P. & L.P.

Real estate has always held a strong allure for Sophia, thanks to her observations of her father’s career while growing up. As she neared the end of her college years, she started taking it more seriously. Now that she has graduated, she is determined to give real estate a fair chance, recognizing it as her true passion. As a newcomer to real estate, her goals for this season revolve around developing the necessary skills for success. She acknowledges that there is much to learn, but she is enthusiastic about expanding her knowledge and is excited about obtaining her realtor license, thereby officially entering the field.


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Photography by Michael Pascual / Photo Assist: Hannah Pascual

Styled by Danielle Tavia / Hair by Tiffany Loe & Destiny Garcia / Makeup by Jessica Luce