Minus5 Ice Bar, Las Vegas

Before you hit the club or bar scene a trip to Minus5 is a must.  This hotspot is fun and photo worthy but no need to bring your cameras; there is a professional photographer waiting inside for your very own photo shoot. Established in New Zealand, everything inside this place is made of Canadian Ice.   From the bars to the walls to the shot glasses and the sculptures are changed every 6-8 weeks!  My parents came along at the last minute and were a little leery upon arrival.  The second they were given a fur coat, gloves and a pair of Uggs they started to get into the theme.  We had a great time inside, taking photos with every sculpture and toasting to the cold temperature with our vodka based cocktails!  I have been to other ice bars before and was blown away by this experience, nothing could compare.  The staff also made the experience with their great attitudes and hospitality.  I couldn’t imagine being a bartender there and standing inside a frozen bar for 8 hours, they are the real deal!  Don’t forget your pictures before you leave, they can print them right then and there for you.