Passions on the Beach, Aruba

The ambiance at Passions on the Beach in Aruba is an unforgettable experience guaranteed to ignite a romantic night. Tiki torches illuminate the white-sanded beach where two top tables host intimate dinners for couples staying at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort or other nearby hotels. The ocean breeze and sunset create a dream-like experience for travelers and locals on the island.

Upon arriving, a server with a warm smile greeted us with cocktail menus and politely went over the choices. The Caribbean Cocktails portion was perfect for the tropical atmosphere with selections including the Bahama Mamma, Kamikaze, Tequila Sunrise and Bay Breeze. We decided on an Aruba Ariba with rum, vodka orange curacao, banana liquor, coecoei, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine.
Passions Caribbean inspired menu mainly consists of seafood dishes but includes pasta, poultry and meats as well. To start, an eclectic selection of appetizers, soups and salads made choosing difficult. The Watermelon and Feta Salad sounded enticing with bite-sized cubes of watermelon on a bed of mixed greens, topped with crumbled feta cheese, and drizzled with a chilled dressing. The salad was a refreshing start to our three-course dinner.
The crashing waves and island live music in the background easily persuaded us to indulge in a seafood entrée. One of the restaurants signature seafood dishes, the Pan Fried Sesame Crusted Black Sea Bass, was a delicious selection. Accompanied with wasabi-garlic mashed potatoes, snow peas and tamari soy-ginger sauce, the sea bass was perfectly fresh. The Filet Mignon Ratatouille was topped with Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms, a perfect addition to a meticulously cooked piece of meat. The diverse elements created a delicious dish that was pleasantly devoured.
For dessert, a Pineapple Carpaccio seemed fitting for the tropical setting. Thin slices of pineapple, simmered slowly, infused with Myers rum syrup garnished with fresh basil and served over vanilla ice cream was a light yet decadent treat.
Although our meal was over, we were not rushed away by the restaurant staff and instead delightfully relaxed on the beach with a few more signature cocktails and enjoyed the ocean breeze. Passions on the Beach is not just a meal for two but a serene experience of luxury and leisure.