Pie Society, Pitfire Pizza, Costa Mesa

People all over the world alike have long been crazy for pizza. But over the last few years, they have elevated their passion to a vocation, sending pizza into a whole new stratosphere of respect. It isn’t just loved, and it isn’t just devoured. It is scrutinized and fantasized about, with a power to make your cravings unbearable.

On a recent visit to Pitfire Pizza in Costa Mesa we learned all their secrets and the biggest one of all is their newest addition “Pie Society”. There is a secret entrance through the back of the restaurant; you can also go through the kitchen but that would be too obvious so if you’re in the know you must enter like you’re important through the back of the building. Upon first glance the space is intimate with the original pizza oven now acting as a bar stocked with plenty of top shelf options. We grabbed a seat at the bar and glanced over the menu. There is an extensive list of options but when one sits in the company of a cocktail master one must hand over the reins and give up control. The cocktail master I am referring to is none other than one of Orange Counties finest, Steve Garcia. Steve has proven himself time and time again with the successful cocktail programs at places like Mesa and Broadway by Amar Santana. Now he has worked his magic at Pie Society. Immediately Steve asked us what our favorite drink was, without hesitation we both said a Raspberry Lemon Drop. A Goji Berry Lemon Drop was presented and it was made with precision and beautifully crafted to perfection. Never having Goji Berry Liquor we were pleasantly surprised at the successful outcome. When we were ready for a second cocktail Steve made us another version of a Lemon Drop, this one with Gin. We both looked at each other about to say something as we are not Gin fans but we hesitated as we were there to trust Steve. One sip and we became Gin fans right at that very moment. This, my friends is why Steve is so great; he knew our beverage taste buds better than we did.

On to the food. The signature menu at Pie Society is different from what is offered at Pitfire with a variety of bar snacks, appetizers and of course pizza. I recommend the Tater Tots. Upon arrival I had spotted them at another table and something inside told me they would be good. If you’re going to put Tater Tots on the menu they have to be amazing, right? My other half struggled with this decision but quickly gave in when I wouldn’t take no for an answer. He chose to do things the easy way; this time.  Alongside the Tater Tots we ordered the Cheeseburger Hot Pocket for our appetizers. Both were delicious and I have to say I am a little obsessed with the Chorizo Fondue that accompanied the Tater Tots! For our next course we ordered the Deli Pizza which was comprised of Pastrami Meatballs, Gouda Fondue, Caraway, Fresh Mozzarella and Pickled Fresno. Delicious! Hats off to Chef Jason Neroni and Pitfire Pizza Founder, Paul Hibler. They clearly knew what they were doing when creating this menu.

We can’t wait to come back. We plan on returning soon and look forward to trying many more of Steve’s famous concoctions; this time maybe we will consider sharing our secret with some friends.

Pie Society is located at 353 East 17th Street in Costa Mesa, CA, and will be open starting at 5 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday. More information can be found www.piesocietybar.com.