Holiday Gift Guide: Forget the Sleigh, Santa wants a Porsche

The stockings and twinkle lights have been hung with care, gingerbread men are baking in the oven, and Mariah Carey’s holiday album is playing softly in the background. While you’re more organized than Santa himself, you struggle and stress about finding that special someone in your life the perfect gift. With so many different tastes and preferences, it can certainly be a daunting task to please everyone. But wait, don’t go getting your tinsel in a tangle just yet, this year, surprise your loved ones with a new car. It’s something that people both need and want and we’ve narrowed down a few of the best options sure to please every person on your list. 

Do you have someone on your holiday list that deserves a statement gift? A conscious living daughter who starts her day at Nekter and wouldn’t be caught dead in a gas-guzzler, a husband who craves adventure and has always dreamed of road tripping across the US, or a sibling who needs extra room in the trunk for all those impulsive shopping excursions? Well, this year we have you covered as we’ve narrowed down the perfect Porsche for every car lover on your list.

With a selection of car gifts to suit every personality, there’s no need to bounce around from store to store all across town. Follow our helpful guide and make Porsche Irvine your one-stop shop for holiday gifts! 

The Ultimate Gift for an Outdoor Enthusiast

Porsche Macan SUV

Stay six feet apart, don’t do anything in big groups, they said. Events were canceled, schools closed and businesses sent everyone home to figure out Zoom meetings. It’s enough to make someone want to go off the grid – and many did while staying safe and keeping socially distant. Adventure fills the air, and you can answer the call of the road in any of the Macan models. The enlarged air intakes in the front end cool the engine on its way to the next experience, while the standard LED headlights perfectly illuminate the road. With its dynamic overall look, the Macan is a pure sports car. Its redesigned rear appears extremely powerful. Like a bold line under its own signature, the new LED taillight strip emphasizes the “PORSCHE” logo, functionally and visually enhanced by the new 4-point brake lights. 

A Unique Gift for The Executive 

Porsche Panamera

What do you get for someone that gives so much of themselves to others? How can you give back to them? Most executives have been working nonstop this year to ensure businesses stay afloat, from their remote offices to overseeing their children’s remote learning and they deserve a reward. From work mode to parent mode the Panamera is a perfect gift for that hardworking loved one in your life, your parent, significant other or sibling. For those dreaming of a sports car, this full-size luxury sedan delivers the sporting character and performance that has made Porsche famous. Fun and practical collide to create the perfect car to take you from client-friendly to family-friendly without having to compromise. 

Whether Panamera, Panamera Executive or Panamera Sport Turismo – the silhouette and proportions are unmistakably Porsche. Athletic, streamlined, with clear contours and powerful muscles. The long wheelbase, shorter overhang at the front and longer overhang at the rear already lend visual dynamism. The chassis of the new Panamera models perform a balancing act between sport and comfort effortlessly. More performance, but above all more comfort – especially on more demanding tracks. In the driver’s seat, everything is focused on you and your next destination. Meanwhile, relaxed serenity reigns in the rear thanks to the generous space for family, friends or colleagues. A large trunk compartment provides all the extra space needed and folding rear seat backrests allow larger objects to be transported too. That may not be typical of a sports car, but it is typical of the Panamera.

The Perfect Gift for a Mindful Wanderer

Porsche Taycan Sedan

Giving a gift to a loved one can be a beautiful way to celebrate their views on life and should be about thoughtfulness and gratitude. Sustainable gifts aim to minimize the negative impact on the environment and give back in a positive manner. For those that love to explore but prefer to go green the Taycan is ready for the future, thanks to its innovative concept. It is characterized by the features that have always been decisive for any Porsche: pure emotion and maximum driving pleasure. As Porsche’s first electric car this sleek sports sedan fully lives up to the brand’s high-performance reputation while reducing its effect on the environment. The 2020 Porsche Taycan delivers incredible acceleration, precise handling, and aggressive styling all while saving you money on gas. As the first production electric vehicle using a two-speed transmission and an 800-volt electrical system, it allows quick acceleration and shorter recharge times.

A Gift for the Whole Family

Porsche Cayenne

Are you looking for a single gift that will make everyone happy? From cheerleading practice to the country club the Cayenne is a family car that every member of the household looks stylish in and will definitely be a winner this year. When choosing gifts for an entire family you have to tick a lot of boxes. Sometimes it can really be a struggle to find just the right thing to please everyone. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa — whatever you’re celebrating, it’s different this year. Families are staying home and holiday traditions are taking a break. Kids have been cooped up inside this year so getting a family car for everyone to enjoy is just the trick to break up the monotony. 

SUV by design but a sports car by nature the Cayenne is the largest SUV in the Porsche group and provides a diverse range of powertrains that include a pair of proficient V-6s, a modern plug-in hybrid, and a thundering twin-turbo V-8. With up to five seats its spacious interior provides the ultimate in comfort from the front seat to the back. The adaptive Sport seats with memory package are fully geared towards sporty driving. They guarantee genuine motorsport emotion – without having to compromise on comfort. Opt-in for the extra massage function which provides relaxation on longer journeys. The Cayenne boasts a generous amount of space and a stowage volume that can be more than doubled with the rear seat folded down. In addition to this great versatility, there are also a variety of personalization options. The four-zone automatic climate control features individual temperature controls for the driver and front passenger, and separate ones for the rear seats, too. No more fighting with the kids thanks to this smart feature.

A Gift that will Turn Heads

Porsche 911

Well connected – yet completely independent and confident. If these words describe someone on your holiday list then look no further. For those that need to get the most out of every day, the 911 will make heads turn with its classic and sophisticated reputation. Its design unites traditional and modern, ensuring more dynamism on the road. The 911 interior combines old strengths with new possibilities and, as a sports car, is one thing above all: strictly designed for the driver. Power athlete. Design icon. Everyday hero. The 911 mixes the power of a sports car with interior comfort and the latest technology to make everyday life easier and more exotic.

Thanks to the intuitive Porsche Advanced Cockpit control concept, the interior is clearer and more dynamic than ever. The Multifunction Sport Steering Wheel allows for the direct, comfortable use of audio, telephone and navigation functions. Gearshift paddles ensure short shift throws and fast, precise gear changes. The 911 sport seats are comfortable and provide support even during dynamic cornering maneuvers and for those looking for more space, the luggage compartment volume of the 911 models is 4.6 cubic feet.