Sao Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is one of the world’s biggest metropolises and is known as the cultural capital of Brazil. With numerous attractions and entertainment including first-rate museums, nightly concerts, experimental theater, and dance. The nightclubs, bars and restaurants are among the best on the continent. Paulistanos (inhabitants of the city) believe in working hard and playing harder which is why nightlife is booming with over 15,000 bars in the city.

São Paulo offers visitors and residents a myriad of opportunities to have fun, do business, or just relax! Its capital city, which shares the same name, is the largest metropolis in the southern hemisphere, with Grande São Paulo; the entire metropolitan area nears a population of 30 million.

There are over 40 shopping malls, and thousands of clothing stores from bargain to haute couture, sometimes on the same street! The city is filled with diverse people hailing from all over the country and world, so in any given moment or neighborhood, you can walk down Avenida Paulista and hear a number of languages spoken or find all sorts of cuisine from different parts of the country.

One of São Paulo’s beaches, Praia do Tombo, in Guarujá (70 km from SP City), is the only beach in the country with a blue flag medal, which means it is recognized for its cleanliness, safety, and beauty! The northern shore is sprinkled with green cliffs, lush islands, and great surfing beaches. The southern coast has more tranquil beaches and fishing villages. Many flee from the city on the weekends to these paradisiacal locations to escape the smog and noise, while others simply move to the beach and commute to the city!


Currently, there are over 12.5 thousand restaurants, 500 of them steakhouses, 250 Japanese restaurants and 6000 restaurants that serve pizza! In the midst of these close to 13 thousand, there is also a variety of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine. This is not to mention all of the regional Brazilian restaurants in the city. Having housed so many immigrants throughout its history, including national ‘immigrants,’ the culinary scene in the city is incredibly diverse.


São Paulo city has many luxury boutique hotels, flat services, and myriad hotel chains that are ideal for accommodating the business executive or someone who is just passing through the city. There are also affordable hostels catering to a younger crowd with easier metro and bus access. The shore and interior are showered with quaint and cozy bed and breakfast spots with friendly owners.

We suggest the Emiliano located in the fashionable shopping strip of Oscar Freire based on the staff’s amazing service which is well known for leaving personal notes (in your native language) around your room, letting you know that they took the liberty of shining your shoes or noticed your toothpaste was running low and replaced it. How they source the exact size and brand we’ll never know. They also provide complimentary garment pressings two per day.

The Emiliano’s most famous amenity is over the top and hard to beat. They have a rooftop helipad for the times when you just can’t deal with the city’s ridiculous traffic.