Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

The very best zoo we have visited to date.  The zoo is located on its own island which is accessible by taking a 12 minute ferry ride to get there and then a cable car up to the very top.  The zoo has extraordinary views of Sydney and the Opera House from various angles. Taronga is the nation’s leading zoological garden, featuring Australia’s finest collection of native animals and a diverse collection of exotic species. It is always best to start your tour of the Zoo from the very top entrance. That way you’ll be walking downhill with a beautiful view of the downtown harbor. If you missed an exhibit on the way down no need to stress you can catch the Zoo Sky Safari chair lift to take you to the top again and begin your downhill trek along a different path.

If you would like to get up close to the animals and have your picture taken, which we highly suggest then try one of the Animal Encounters experience (or all of them). For a small fee, you can enter the enclosures of some of the animals on display and have your picture taken by a professional. Feed a giraffe, walk through a kangaroo pen, see a platypus, watch the bird show with huge sea eagles or kiss a seal; the choice is up to you.

Don’t miss the Seal Show featuring the stars of the Great Southern Oceans exhibit. This show is a lively, informative look at marine wildlife. Plus enjoy Taronga’s iconic Free Flight Bird Show at the amphitheatre offering panoramic harbor views as you watch the birds fly swiftly over your head!

For more information about the zoo please visit their website: http://taronga.org.au