Tequila Tasting, Red O

Mexico’s most famous export, tequila has come a long way from its fraternity party reputation where courage was measured by the number of shots you took with licks of salt and lime included. Mexican tourists are often surprised to encounter the wide variety and high quality of tequila they encounter in Mexico. In the right hands, the nectar of the blue agave actually is as refined and complex as any fine whiskey or aged wine.

Angelenos love their tequila so it’s no surprise that everyone was all smiles during our tequila tasting at Red O Restaurant. The sweet, nectar of the agave was free flowing inside the restaurant’s tequila lounge where we gathered for the tasting. The Casa Blanca cocktail won for most popular drink of the night, with recent converts urging their peers to try it.  We started with a Blanco, made our way to a Reposado and finished with an Anejo.  Learning how to properly taste and smell each sip.

But what’s tequila without a little food to go along with it? Red O knows how to do it, so they made sure all the necessary components were in place, including Ahi Tuna Tartare, Chips and Guacamole and an array of tray passed hors d’ouevres. It’s safe to say that our bartender made a great impression on our group of writing professionals as all were singing his praises at the end of the night.