Terre Blanche, Provence France

Terre Blanche

Nestled in the hills in the heart of the Provence region, lies Frances only true resort, Terre Blanche. As you drive through the windy narrow roads it is easy to picture yourself in the Tour de France absolutely lost in the beauty of the landscape. Come around one last corner and then you see it; with a big first impression you enter the giant gates with only one thought on your mind, it is time to relax! Drive slowly to fully take in the gorgeous lay of the land, fields of lavender, a manicured beauty of a golf course all fill in the surroundings. This majestic French beauty is comprised of 650 acres and is one of the most stunning resorts in Europe.


Terre Blanche consists of 115 suites and separated villas all with private terraces and lounges. The design and layout of the grounds is meticulously well put thought out providing guests the ultimate Provencal countryside escape. A walk around the resort and you feel one with nature as the resort encompasses the lay of the land blending elegantly with the natural habitat. The Provencal décor provides the ultimate setting for relaxation. Spacious suites include marble bathrooms with heated floors, an open layout and plenty of closet space. The use of white stone and local red clay provides a warm color scheme with tones of gold and terracotta, synonymous with the architecture throughout southern France.

The resort has four pools all designed differently to offer refreshment for everyone, from basking in the sun, splashing around with the family or revitalizing yourself after a vigorous workout. The two indoor and outdoor pools of the Spa are dedicated to wellness and invigorate the body and mind.. The outdoor infinity pool is an ideal place to enjoy an afternoon cocktail while you fully take in the stunning views of the Provencal hillside. With tennis courts, a world class spa, a game room and kid’s club added to the list you truly could never find yourself bored at Terre Blanche, and it will quickly become your home away from home.


If you are an avid golfer (and even if you are not) a stay at Terre Blanche would not be complete without a round at one of the two world class courses on property.  The two courses Riou and Chateau were designed by the infamous golf architect Dave Thomas and have been masterfully blended into the natural beauty of the land. With manicured fairways and flawless greens the courses are host to pro tournaments such as the French Riviera Masters as well as the Pro Am D’Ouvertur. One addition that cannot be missed while visiting the course is the Biomecaswing Center. Run by osteopath and accomplished athlete, Jean- Jacques Rivet this unique center uses scientific knowledge of biomechanics combined with modern technology to enables golfers of all levels a way to improve their performance and understand their swing in order to quickly bring their golf game to the next level. Rivet uses a combination of cameras set from different angles, video monitors and a high tech corrective exercise machine called the Huber to give you the perfect program to better your game. Golf professionals come from all over the world to visit Terre Blanche and work one on one with Jean Jacques. Whether you come just to hit a bucket of balls at one of the nicest driving ranges in the world or for a full round on one of the most picturesque, memorable courses you have ever played, rest assured it will be one for the books!


After an invigorating day of golf, tennis, wine tasting or visiting the local village nearby, a visit to the spa is an absolute splurge you should reward yourself with.  The perfect combination of relaxation, fitness and therapeutic bliss is what you will find when you enter this haven. Take a dip in one of the most stunning indoor pools you have ever laid eyes on as you gaze out into the hillside of Provence and take in the sights. If you find yourself in need of exercise the Terre Blanche staff trainers will give you exactly what you need.  Try a session on the newly founded Huber machine which is customized to give you exactly what your body needs for perfect muscular balance and not to mention a great workout designed just for your body type and fitness level.  The spa also offers the ultimate therapeutic and beauty experience with treatments ranging from deep tissue massages, aromatherapy, anti-aging facials, manicures and more. If you are looking for something a little more private opt for one of the spa suites which include a hammam (Turkish bath), a double jacuzzi, a changing room and your very own private terrace.


Dining at Terre Blanche is more than just sitting down for a meal; it is a very sensual experience. With four restaurants on property talented Executive Chef Yannick Franques brings the best cuisine that the French Riviera has to offer. Franques has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge over the years having worked in some of the most prestigious Michelin starred restaurants in Paris as well as the French Riviera. Each of the four restaurants on property offers a variety of cuisines as well as different atmospheres with each meal.  Tousco offers a casual dining experience near the outdoor infinity pool,  Caroubiers offers a relaxed vibe with stunning views of the golf course,  at Gaudina dine in a jazzy atmosphere whereas Faventia is a gourmet gastronomical experience you will never forget. The finest Mediterranean seafood, local meats, cheeses and breads and the region’s best wines take center stage throughout the meal. Sit back, relax and let the chef and his team bring you the ultimate French experience in a style your taste buds won’t soon forget.