The Power of Love & Travel with The Bachelorette’s Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray

America’s recent Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and her fiancé Josh Murray won the nation’s hearts on their journey to love, but this pair is more than just the couple next door. With a passion for travel, fitness, fashion, and charity, this power couple seeks to use their influence to make a difference in the lives of their fans. From their surreal travel experiences during the 10-week show to their recent stay at The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel in Orange County, Andi and Josh have tasted travel through the lens of romance. Despite transitioning from the fairy-tale lifestyle of extravagant dates to their everyday life back home in Atlanta, the couple still find themselves travelling across the country and dreaming of their next international destinations.

LATM: Where was your first trip abroad?

Andi: My first real trip abroad was to Italy. When I graduated college and my sister graduated law school, we did a big family trip, and that was really eye-opening for me. It was the first time I really experienced travelling a lot. I was obsessed…immediately hooked on travelling.

Josh:  An eighth-grade class trip to Israel. It was my first time abroad.

LATM: During the show, you traveled to places like New England, Belgium, Venice, Marseille, and the Dominican Republic. Where was your favorite location and why?

Andi: Ghent, in Belgium. I loved it because I was on a date with Josh, but I really loved the city. It was so beautiful; it reminded me of a quaint version of Venice…on the water and just stunning.

Josh: That was my favorite as well. It was just very unique in that everything from the war was still standing. I was never that big into history when I was younger, but when we went there, learning about the history and the chapel that we went into was very neat.

LATM: How has experiencing these ultimate romantic dates around the world inspired how you plan dates back home in the U.S.?

Andi: I mean, here’s the thing: it’s not like we try and keep up with all these romantic dates that we went on in the show.

Josh: I’ll never be able to one-up her on a date that she’s been on, for sure!

Andi: But we also saw a realness in each other while we were on these dates, and yes it was amazing to be in these castles and in these romantic places but it was more amazing to see our relationship happening and see the conversation that was coming about it. We got to do these incredible things that most people would be lucky to ever do, but you kind of take it as an isolative. We did that, it was amazing, but now it’s back to reality, and we love the reality part too.

Josh: I talked to her dad the very first time I met them in the Dominican, and he was like, ‘What’s going to happen? This is all the glitz and glamour now, there are all these things, but this isn’t real life.’ And I was like, ‘I’m glad this isn’t real life, I know what real life is about and I can’t wait to get back to just relaxing and being myself, I don’t need all this stuff to make me happy.’

LATM: Where have you traveled since the show finished?

Andi: We went [on a safehouse visit] to Tulum, which is Mexico as we’ve never seen it before. It’s like a yoga town, there are a lot of eco-friendly hotels, and it’s a totally different version of Mexico than what people are used to. We’ve also traveled a lot to LA and New York [and] Alabama.”

Josh: We’ve [also] done some travelling for weddings to North Carolina.

LATM: Name three of your must-have travel accessories you always carry with you.

Josh: My Advocare Spark…protein bars…and my iPod.

Andi: Eye patches, my iPad, and a comfy sweater that I can be at the hotel with or on the plane with that kind of just makes me feel homey.”

LATM: If you could pick any place in the world to go right now which travel destination would it be?

Andi: South Africa.

Josh: We’ve had a lot of support from the fans out there so it’d be nice to hang out with… [them] and definitely do an African safari.

LATM: Who do you look up to as a style icon?

I love everything and anything Kate Middleton does. You know whose style I really love? Olivia Palermo. I think her wedding photo, holy wedding dress, amazing! Nobody else could pull it off but her. I like Jen Aniston’s casual style; she can wear a pair of ripped jeans like nobody’s business. JLO can do no wrong. I [also] love Rachel Bilson from Hart of Dixie… [and] Olivia Pope from Scandal.

LATM: Which celebrity couple can you most relate to?

We love the Decker’s; we have fun with Jesse and Eric Decker.

LATM: How do you see yourselves as a couple in the next five years?

Andi: Parents of two [kids] working on number three… [and] I hope we still live in Atlanta. I think in five years. We talk about having kids, but I want to feel like I can do it all. I want to feel like I can have a career in fashion, I would love to design clothes. I’m actually just starting to get my feet in it now, starting with some T-shirts. I would like to design high-end looking clothes for an affordable price. I hate that you can’t buy a $30 shirt that doesn’t fall apart after wearing it two times, but you also can’t afford a $300 shirt, so I would love to find a way to have great materials with great cuts at an affordable price for everybody. I wouldn’t design anything I wouldn’t want to wear or that I personally wouldn’t buy.

Josh: I love Advocare… My brother became an endorser when he decided to play NFL football, and I started using the products and I absolutely love them! I’m big into health and fitness. I love trying to change people’s lives for the better. I see myself still doing financial advising as well…I have a great team around me. We’ve definitely been very blessed to see a lot of things and do a lot of things—whether it’s in the fashion world or me doing what I do, we just love helping people, making people happy. That we can make as big as a difference as we can, that’s what’s nice about everything.

Andi: We walked into this lifestyle where there’s a lot of people following you and looking at your every move. Some of it is looking up to us, which is an amazing feeling, but it also comes with a responsibility, and Josh was always good about that from the beginning.

Josh: I think when God gives you so much, it comes with a lot of responsibility, and you need to do the right things. That’s what we’re most excited about.

Andi: People use their power in so many different ways, whether it’s to be famous or to be rich… [and] that power in a funny way is very powerful, so why not use it to promote things that you really believe in? It’s amazing what you can do with a sense of power, even if it’s only short term. Just to do better for people is an incredible feeling.

Interview by Alyssa Kuhlman

Photos by Huey Bui