The Westin Playa Bonita Sensory Spa by Clarins

The star of this spa is Aquabella, their hydrotherapy wellness circuit. If my husband had not been with me on this trip I do not think I would ever leave this area.  You begin the circuit with the Raindance Rainmaker Experience Showers, then move on to the Vitality Pool. Afterwards, the cold plunge seals in the warmth to sooth your muscles. Also in this area you will find an Herbal Sauna for dry heat and the amazing Amethyst Crystal Steam Room. The special Pediluvio Stream is where one massages their feet as they wade through shallow water with the pressure of the small smooth pebbles.

Do not forget to check out my secret spot – a small hidden bench area halfway through the stream.  After this experience be sure to visit the Panama Canal and the BioMuseo!