The Zoom Room, where the pets really want to go!

By Murphy the Moose

We all know that certain pups out there can be difficult to deal with at times but what would you do without us? Some of us dogs weren’t brought up in the best environment and let’s just say we may have a few behavioral issues to deal with from time to time.

We have heard that certain members of our species may be plagued with separation anxiety as well as not being able to play well with others, mind you this does go both ways and applies to humans and dogs just as an FYI. We have also heard that some of our canine pals don’t know how to share their humans. If we’re all being truthful here, I have to admit our pack just may fit into the next category, the group of dogs that have issues with all of the above.

Our parents have been searching for a place to take us where we not only feel comfortable but will actually leave with a few new tricks. They finally found a winner and it’s only a few blocks from our favorite place in the world, the ever famous Huntington Dog Beach! Let this be a lesson to you pups out there, if you stay on your best behavior you may have a beach day waiting for you afterward.

The Zoom Room is our new favorite hangout and for good reason! After we were promised a trip to dog beach we were suddenly tricked into a quick detour and we entered the facility as cautious as possible. Being led by our leashes into the building (we may have barked at a few people and dogs in the process) we quietly found a spot to hide behind a rack of dog food. It smelled nice there and immediately provided a calmness as we focused on the delicious scent.

The owner gently approached us with his hand out holding something that smelled like our favorite snack, chicken. Even though we were interested we kept our distance not knowing if this was another trick. Realizing we needed some space and time he left the treats on the ground for us to snatch up when no one was looking. We slowly made our way over to the treats and wow were they tasty!

We overheard the owner tell our parents that they use only 100% natural treats made from the best ingredients possible and we thought “What a smart hooman.”

Once we had a few yummy snacks we started to let our guards down a bit. We were then led into a room that was filled with obstacles for us to play on. Now they had our full attention; we listened carefully and heard that it wasn’t really us that needed training it was our parents! Hah! We knew it!

Next, we headed over to sniff out the obstacles one at a time, each one leading to another one of their delicious treats which made it that much more enjoyable. Throughout our private session we were challenged with more difficult obstacles and as we conquered them the treats just kept coming, what a great concept, I think they called it pawsitive reinforcement!

After our session was up we sat like good pups and listened carefully to hear what was coming next, especially if there were more treats involved. The owner told our parents that their entire philosophy at Zoom Room is never to use corrections including pinch collars, shock collars or any type of scarring methods used in trying to teach a dog to obey. All of their classes offered involve not only treats but tons of love and scratches after each dog conquers a new challenge; where do we sign up?

Our experience at Zoom Room was the best overall training we had ever received (or should we say mom and dad’s training). With Zoom Room HB we felt right at home and will be back for more of those scrumptious snacks!