There’s no place like D Pet Hotel

Written by Murphy the Moose

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It has been said that our “pack” can be a little snooty and hard to please when it comes to spending time away from our parents, but we like to think of ourselves as pet-friendly connoisseurs! Over the past few years we have sniffed our snouts all throughout SoCal looking for that perfect pet hotel to call our home away from home when the parents travel for business. Finally after all our efforts we have found a location that is pawsitively perfect, D Pet Hotel in Encino, California.

As always we did our research (along with a little help from our humans) and we couldn’t believe the reviews this place had! So many four legged journalists had come before us to do stories and the reports came back that this place was fit for a top dog and we just had to see for ourselves.

Upon entering the hotel as usual we had our snouts and guards turned up but after a few minutes things started to look pretty doggon good! The staff is super friendly and after spending some time with them we could easily tell that they were huge dog people which sat well with us. The first thing we really liked was the three separate play areas, 5000 square feet individualized for small, medium and large pups. We are no dainty Chihuahuas if ya know what I mean and our gang was already itchin to take over the largest play area. “Raise the ruff — this puppy party is off the leash!”

After playing all day with so many new furry friends we had worked up an appetite and were getting a little sleepy. We headed off to our suite which included full sized human beds for us along with flat screen TVs for our viewing pleasure. Bring on the Animal Planet!

All the comforts of home were included and later in the evening our human servants fetched us some yummy treats, this place was legit! We slept like one week old puppies as we were wiped out from all the play time with our new friends. I even skipped my favorite show and went right to sleep; I couldn’t wait to get up the next morning to do it all over again!

During playtime the next day we all noticed a certain dog (we won’t mention any names so the puparazzi doesn’t show up) got dropped off by her parents and she was so high maintenance they escorted her into the facility via mini Bentley! Are you serious, do they know who I am? Why didn’t our parents book this upgrade for our arrival? We are going to have a serious chewfest with mom’s shoes when we return home for that one. We had a serious bone to pick with them! Ok maybe we (and when I say we I mean me) are a little too big to fit inside the VIP escort car service. We also noticed at the end of the day that when we were all being taken back to our private rooms that her room was basically a mansion called the Winston Suite! It was huge with a king size bed fitted with Ralph Lauren sheets purrfect décor and a 70 inch flat screen TV! We did a little more sniffing around to find out that she also had a 24 hour private butler that provided her with unlimited doggie massages and her meals were decadent. We could smell them from the play area, wafts of salmon and sirloin steak every night! Ok what’s going on here, even though we love everything about our stay this was definitely next level, she must have been the pick of the litter. It looks like we may have to step up our game and be on our best behavior when we get home to ensure our parents upgrade our next stay!

After a week long stay our parents returned from their trip and to be honest we had mixed emotions about leaving! I had solidified my presence as the master of the large park; they even nicknamed me “Murph the Turf”. The staff at D Pet Hotel seemed sad to see us go; they genuinely were going to miss us. Don’t worry friends we will see you soon, next time when we roll up VIP style! To book your stay visit