Travel, Trendsetting and Hollywood Confessions from Tom Schwartz & Katie Maloney of Vanderpump Rules

As stars on the hit reality series Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have gained fame and with it, more access to travel. Whether it’s through Katie’s passion for beauty products or Tom’s love for being on set, these two are constantly trend-setting the latest in-the-know styles. When they’re not serving at West Hollywood’s premier restaurant SUR, the couple is on the move within the hottest restaurant scenes throughout Los Angeles and dreaming of what faraway destinations they can explore next with a cocktail in hand and each other by their side.

Vanderpump_Final-107 edit2LATM: Where was your first trip abroad?
KM: I went with a girlfriend for a couple weeks and we went to London, Germany, and Greece. It was magical.
TS: First trip abroad was the quintessential 18 year-old spring break trip to Cancun. One in which the only activity we indulged in was drinking. Katie and I are actually planning a much more low key trip back there to see everything else (aside from tequila shots) they have to offer.
LATM: Where have you traveled during the show and where would you like to see the show go next?
KM: The first trip we took was to Vegas, the next year we went to Cabo San Lucas, and last year to Miami. I would love for us all to go to the Bahamas or Ibiza!
TS: Much like my first trip abroad, most of our trips on the show have been “drink-centric” (ha-ha). Birthday parties in Vegas, bachelor parties in Miami and also another birthday in Cabo.  I love Vegas. Love seeing shows, gambling and eating great food. Also some of the most fun is people watching.  Cabo was stunning and we got to take a boat tour around the island, go paddle boarding and indulge in some first-rate dining.  Miami was an absolute blast as well. It’s cheesy but one of my favorite things to do is cruise around south beach. Love the Art Deco and neon.
LATM: What has it been like to have your dating relationship translate from real life onto reality T.V. with an audience to watch?
KM: At first I was nervous about having something so private be broadcast for the world to see. It isn’t easy just living your life and going through the ups and downs in your relationship in front of a camera and having the audience criticize it. We have been 100% authentic through it all and even during the rough spots but have grown and become closer because of it all. I think because we are both committed to each other and our relationships success that we haven’t let it break us up. We really try to maintain perspective and that’s made it easier.
TS: Having your dating life played out on the silver screen can be terrifying. You do things in the heat of the moment and it doesn’t set in until the end of the day, wow that’s going to be seen by millions of people who are ready to pass judgment. Yikes. We try and re-frame the situation and make it a learning experience. For instance the thought of couple’s therapy on TV was horrifying at first thought but we ended up learning a lot and it was cathartic for both sides.
LATM:  What is your ideal vacation?
KM: Somewhere warm on a beach with Tom and our toes in the sand. It would be a bonus to have Gordo with us!
TS: Ideal vacation is a nice balance of relaxation and activities. Katie and I just love getting pampered in the hotel rooms wherever we are. Ordering room-service, drinking champagne in the bath tub, snuggling up in the fresh cold sheets and sporting robes embroidered with whatever hotel we are staying at. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to leave the hotel (ha-ha).
LATM: If you could travel with anyone in the world (besides each other) who would it be and where would you go?
KM: My grandmother has really instilled the passion and importance of traveling in me since I was little. She has always wanted me to see the world just like she has. I would love to travel with her!
TS: If I could travel with anyone in the world it would be my parents and family. They have both always been a bit travel averse but I have a feeling deep down they want to see more of the world. Traveling can be intimidating and admittedly I often procrastinate about it. I want to take surfing lessons with them in Hawaii and eat a pot brownie in Amsterdam. Drink fresh coconuts on the beach in Tahiti and just really see them relax and carefree. Filled with lots of laughter together. 
LATM: What is your favorite dish served at Sur?
KM: I love our Salmon and Filet! So yummy!
TS: My favorite dish at SUR is the chicken dumplings for appetizer followed by the Salmon for my main course. Maybe a raspberry mojito muddle by the one and only Tom Sandoval aka the magic muddler.
LATM: What is the best part of being on the cast of Vanderpump Rules?
KM: As dramatic as it is most of the time we really have fun and all of us were really close friends prior to the show. I think being on this journey together has made it richer. It’s unfortunate that friendships have fallen apart but I don’t blame it on the show. I think we are all learning a great deal about ourselves and one another. It’s really an experience and opportunity that only comes along once and I am so grateful to be a part of it.
TS: The best part of being on VPR is getting to work with so many talented interesting people in front and behind the camera. We are on an awesome team with a great production company.  Also I do have to admit, fringe benefits of being on TV such as free trips to Mexico are pretty cool and having structure is much appreciated too. Being an actor/model type in LA can be very sporadic with constant highs and lows. Being on the show takes me back to my 9-5 days which I am surprisingly fond of.
LATM: Katie: what is your favorite product you’ve used and written about on your blog “Pucker and Pout”?LATM_VP_Rules_Proof-231
Oh my goodness. How do I pick just one? I am just a product lover and you can ask anyone who knows me I have an abundance of it all. Every time I find a new product I love whether it’s an eye-shadow palette or a new lip stain I can’t wait to share my review on Pucker & Pout. 
LATM: Tom: What is your favorite hobby to do outside of the show?
My favorite hobby outside of the show is playing poker, I just love the game. I’ve been playing consistently since 2005 and a pretty solid player. The Sharks eat me alive but I can almost always hold my own at the table. You get to experience every emotion in the spectrum playing that game, pure joy, elation, heartbreak, rage, shame, and adrenaline rushes that rival sky-diving. It’s great to talk shop about the game too. It takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master.
LATM: What are your plans for after the show?
KM: I definitely will continue Pucker & Pout. I want it to continue growing and diversifying and becoming a staple resource in the beauty world. I think it would be amazing to develop my own line of hair and makeup products as well. Although I’m working on projects and plans to sustain after the show I am taking it one day at a time.
TS: Well I did enjoy my time in the wine and spirits business so I may venture back into that. For now I’m training myself to be more business minded and really planning a future with Katie.  I do still have an affinity for acting/ being on set as well. Even if it’s not in front of the camera, I would love to be in the film business in some capacity. Being on set is magical and I like every aspect of it such as getting your make-up done, eating craft services and great food. There are so many different talented people working together to make some magic.
LATM: Tell us your favorite places in LA: Best Hotel/Best Restaurant/Best Activity or Attraction & Best Place to get your drink on!
KM: There is so much to discover in LA and I am always trying to find new spots. We definitely frequent Laurel Hardware, their food and drinks are on point. I love all the Houston Brothers spots like No Vacancy and Dirty Laundry. Honeycutt and the Varnish downtown have some of the best cocktails. As trendy as it is I love the Tropicana Pool Bar at the Roosevelt in the summertime, it’s always a party!
TS:  There is so much to do in LA and we haven’t even scratched the surface. I am guilty sometimes of only staying within my little 1 mile perimeter in West Hollywood so we’ve been making it a point to branch out more lately. I really like Laurel Hardware in Weho and of course Pump and SUR. My favorite Mexican spot to take Katie is gardens of Taxco. There’s just so much good Mexican food in LA sometimes we neglect the rest. When we want a more laid back environment we’ll take the PCH out to Malibu and get some fish tacos.
LATM_VP_Rules_Proof-247 edit3 (2)LATM: How do you see yourselves as a couple in the next five years?
KM: Married and thriving. Driving each other crazy and loving just as hard. I think it would be really fun to create somewhat of a business endeavor together as well!
TS: It’s well known that I have had some commitment issues in the past but I’m coming along nicely. Katie is without a doubt the one I love. She’s my bubba and I plan on locking it down sooner rather than later. We’ll see how long it takes me to act on that though (ha-ha).  5 years from now I’d love to see us married with children, like a 2015 version of Peggy and Al Bundy where she’s eating Bon Bons on the corduroy couch and I’m reminiscing about my days on Vanderpump Rules.  Of course I’m kidding! I look forward to seeing different parts of the world I’ve only read about with the love of my life. I want to explore the world, ourselves and grow together.  There’s so much we want to do and see I can barely contain myself just thinking about it.