Unique Island Getaways

Most of us know the big island getaways that always steal the show but trust us when we tell you there are thousands of islands around the world that have yet to be discovered by the travel industry. Here’s a small sample of 4 natural beauties that we think would make for the perfect island getaway!

Palau, Micronesia

With a whopping 250 islands in its chain Palau has been attracting the savviest of travelers over the past few decades. After its world wide exposure be being featured on the TV series “Survivor” this Micronesian gem has been visited by dedicated scuba divers as well as travelers that are always seeking the next best thing. With some of the most secluded white, sandy beaches, virtually untouched marine eco- systems and it’s extraordinary array of natural wonders Palau is quickly becoming to the top of the list for the most serious travel experts.  Palau is best known for its diving as its crystal clear waters are filled with WWII wrecks which have now become home to a vast array of marine life and vibrant corals.

Corsica, France

This Mediterranean gem is known as the “Island of Beauty” and we sure see why. This mountainous French island truly does offer something for everyone as it has a vast array of diversity within its topography. From snow capped mountains to the white sandy beaches of its rugged coastline Corsica attracts all types of European travelers; from those looking to challenge themselves to tackle the 15 day long GR 20 hiking trail to travelers who just want to swim in the clear aquamarine waters of the amazing coast Corsica is a place to add to your bucket list for sure!

Tasmania, Australia

When most people hear the word Tasmania the first thing they probably think of is the Looney Tunes crazy character “The Tasmanian Devil”. Yes don’t worry Tasmania really does harbor these rare little animals! Known as Australia’s wild frontier island Tasmania is a very well protected piece of beautiful land with 40 percent being national parkland for travelers to fully enjoy. From stunning wine regions to some of the best beaches in the world Tasmania is an ideal place to become one with nature while taking a step off the beaten path.


If you haven’t heard much about Borneo, don’t feel bad many travelers haven’t either. The surprising thing about this is Borneo is the third largest island in the world and the largest island in Asia. Covering three countries in one island, Malaysia, Indonesia and tiny Brunei Borneo is home to some amazing biodiversity to say the least. A wide range of wildlife and incredible flora travelers will get more than they bargained for with a trip to Borneo. From ancient forests filled with mysterious cultures to encounters with massive orangutans and world class dive sites Borneo should be at the top of your list of must visit islands for sure!